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The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear

The holiday season has arrived and brought with it every possible way to express your Christmas cheer. From door decs to trees to ugly sweaters, everyone at Augie seems to be full of the Christmas spirit.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. But there are some aspects of the holidays that I just can’t handle.

Let’s talk about the movie “Elf.” Now I love a good Christmas movie as much as the next guy, but this movie is at the top of my hit list. Call me Scrooge if you must, but I will not subject myself to the horrors that is Will Ferrell as a human-sized elf (See below).


Buddy the elf



And unlike my parents who despise Will Ferrell as an actor in general, I’m not even anti-Ferrell. Something about the overexcited, super fake and mostly irritating character Buddy the Elf is just the biggest turn off. I find so much more Christmas joy from listening to The Carpenters Christmas album , or drinking hot chocolate, or worst comes to worse, decorating the Christmas tree. But “Elf” makes simply makes me cringe.

So before the hate comments start rolling in I’d like to present you with a list of alternative Christmas activities to bring you cheer.

1. Decorating Christmas cookies- My absolute favorite Christmas time activity. What is more cheerful than baking and decorating scrumptious cookies while playing your favorite Christmas music? In my opinion, nothing.

2. Going ice skating- Cozy sweaters and scarves, more Christmas music and quality time with your friends/family/significant other. Perfect for the holiday season.

3. Making a gingerbread house- Not only can you also do this while listening to Christmas music (do you see a pattern?), but you can do it with all your friends! It’s art, but edible. Is there any other kind?

4. Shopping for/wearing ugly Christmas sweaters- Especially now that I’m in college, I’ve noticed the great importance of owning Christmas sweaters. And the excitement of finding the perfect sweater is unparalleled. (Plus you can listen to Christmas music while you shop.)

5. Sledding- While this comes with some contraints (like you kind of need snow), sledding is always a favorite pastime. It may be cold and wet, but nothing brings out the kid in your like riding a sled down a massive hill. Follow with hot chocolate and Christmas music, you can’t go wrong.

So hopefully now you believe me when I say I love Christmas. But I will never associate Christmas with Will Ferrell.

Until next week- Caitlin



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