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Tacksägelsedagen (thanksgiving)

God morgon my friends, family and randoms

I had a fantastic Thanksgiving break in Springfield, Illinois. I was invited by my beloved Erek Bell, together with my beloved Swedish friends Alexandra and Eric, to celebrate turkey-day with them. And so I did.

We drove to Springfield, mother Bell had made an awesome Lasagne (I missed home cooked food) and one of my top ten deserts. Then we watched “Rat Race”.

Thursday (thanksgiving):
“Isac, time to wake up” were the words Eric screamed in my ear 08:30 or something. And so I did. Up, shower. No breakfast. Why? Because a feast was going to be eaten in the afternoon. Needed to save space in my belly.

So, 10:00 we drove to some booze store. Eric, Erek and Bell senior needed some alcohol for the dinner. Me of course didn’t buy or drink anything during the evening since that would be illegal. Jo, jag drickte, va trorr ni om maj? (Skrivet dåligt för att undvika Google Translate).

The Food:
The Turkey –    7/10
A big 22 pound bird, that was perfectly cooked. How ever, it’s not my favorite bird. I give it 7 out of 10 food points.

Gravy –              10/10
A saucish thing that made the Turkey and everything else it covered delicious

Stuffing –           5/10
I’ve had better, but it wasn’t bad.

Pumpkin pie – 15/10
Who ever came up with that recipe – where is the nobel prize? It melts in your mouth. It tastes like heaven.

“Vattnet”      -   9/10
Fick smaka på det mesta – ööl, viin och starkare ting.Det mesta ljuvligt, speciellt Farmors “Limoncello”.

The rest       –   6/10
Everything was totally eatable, most of the stuff delicious. Some things weird though.

Overall thanksgiving experience: 10/10. It was the best thanksgiving I’ve ever had!


Black Friday:
We went to Sheel’s on the Ferris wheel, and walked around there and watched all the guns and stuff. It was nice. In the evening we drove to Jacksonville to look at some Christmas Parade. Santa Claus came in on a Helicopter which was pretty cool. Then we went to some of Erek’s friends for a can of water.


Normal Saturday:
Sleep in. Then we went to the ”Abraham Lincoln library and museum” or something, which was pretty cool. I really liked it! We also saw the State Capital Building and walked around downtown. I had two awesome quorn dogs. In the evening we played Clue. Clue is my game. I own at clue.


Time to get back to Rock Island…


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  1. I can only hope all of Sweden is as glorious as you.

  2. Jag alltid skratta när du skriva på svenska : )

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