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Thanksgiving times


I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving so much. Or should I call it the holiday where all students get to brag about how good their parents/grandparents food is? Every single one I’ve talked about Thanksgiving with have told me that ”My mom makes the best turkey”.

Anyhow. I am going to Springfield for Thanksgiving, since my dear friend Erek Bell invited me there. I honestly think that his grandmother’s turkey is the world. We’ll see if that’s the case. If it isn’t, there better be a lot of “water” to rinse it down with!

(Photo – Vera, Erek and I on a basketball game)


On Sunday it’s also “The first Advent” – four sundays left until christmas and three weeks until I get back to Sweden. Yey!

Back to studying. I have so much to do. Go American History!

Ha det!

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