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My week with some pictures and a few words

Tjenare allihop!

I will describe this week with pictures.

I met Erin. She is this awesome girl, who is very competitive and loves to play cribbage.

Erin + me

Erin taught me how to play cribbage (friday). So I played cribbage with Anisa, Erin, Eman and Mike. It was pretty damn fun.

Denna meningen är på svenska. Efter vi spelade kort så gick vi och festade och hade en allmänt trevlig kväll. (a secret message to all swedes). Pictures of that will not be shown, for obvious reasons.

I also had two heywire practices. I love you heywire guys! This is Gary Miller, one of the funniest guy in the Milky Way.


Last night was a pretty shug night as well. I love greek life, even if I’m not yet part of it!

As a last message, I want to thank everybody I meet around campus for making my time here as good as it can possibly get.


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  1. great photos…keep them coming!

  2. Love seeing your pictures of campus life!

  3. Meet Google Translate…

  4. What a great idea! Can’t wait to see what this week brings. Please share more photos when you have time.

  5. Haha! Next time I’ll mix between languages to make it more difficult

  6. Can we be pen pals forever?

  7. Is this article up to date? I hope so. Good information.

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