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A thing that annoys me

Men hallå!

Today I wanted to talk about a little thing that annoys me a lot: the homework system!

I am not a hater of homework. I understand that it is important to study during the terms to be able to learn in a good way. What bothers me is the way you get graded on every single homework. I’m going to use my Calculus class as an example.

We have daily problems and weekly problems to turn-in every week. In total it is twelve daily problems (three a day, four classes a week) and a bunch of weekly ones, which in total takes up a lot of time. This homework is, according to the teacher, about “you learning and see what you are bad at”. And that’s I fine idea, there is nothing wrong with it! HOWEVER, to take points away from your final grade because you didn’t really understood something week one, destroys the fine idea of this. Instead of punishing your grade, your mistake should just tell you to work on that thing you didn’t really understand.

Another problem with the system is that if you feel you actually understand everything, you still have to spend time doing it. There is nothing worse then doing exercise after exercise if you doesn’t get challenged. It’s a waste of time!

In the end, it is all about the knowledge week 10 that should matter. If you know how to solve the problems by then, or if you by then understand the Krebs cycle or whatever you’re dealing with, means that you’ve learned by your mistake and you will never forget it again. But, since you didn’t really get it in the beginning, you can’t get your A. Why? Because the system is wrong. Instead of punishing, homework should be used to evaluate progress and check what the class understands or not.

Maybe it’s just me being used to the Swedish system, where it’s all about your final knowledge. But I think it would work better everywhere.

/Swedish Isac

5 Responses to “A thing that annoys me”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Homework should be an opportunity to practice our skills and we should not be penalized harshly for not knowing how to do something perfect the first time around. I mean, we are here to learn right?

  2. I think this blog shows how a lot of students feel about their homework! I agree, homework should be to practice and the tests should show what you know!

  3. I completely agree with you on this topic! It really is unfair for our grades to be hurt by us simply trying to learn a new lesson. I agree with the above posts; only tests and quizzes should be graded to show what you have learned, not homework which should just be for practice!

  4. Det här låter ju förfärligt. Wooooord på allt du skrivit, broder.

  5. Thanks for sharing.

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