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22 Things I did before turning 22

It’s been hard coming to terms with turning 22 tomorrow. I feel like 21 was such an awesome age to be (and not just because I’m “legal”). So no Taylor Swift, I DON’T WANT to feel twenty two. Instead I would like to bask in my relative youth for one more day. And reflect on some cool twenty two things I did before turning twenty two


1. Ate a termite off the mound

2. gained over 100 sisters in one day

3.saved lives through donating blood

4.during a class stock exchange game, invested all my money in Caterpillar because its abbreviation was CAT

5. swam with sharks and sting rays

which I don’t have actual pictures of, but here’s a turtle I swam with

6. learned to sail, kayak, and windsurf at the United Kingdom Sailing Academy

7. fell in love


8. Got a 5 on my AP Calc test

9. climbed the Eiffel Tower

10.played with wild animals

11. went ziplining through the rainforest

12.karate chopped a board in half

13.got scratched by a wolf (cub…. small scratch)

14.went dogsledding

15.had a hole in my arm

16. skiied a black diamond run

17. Rode the Men In Black ride at Universal Studios 13 times in a row

18. worked at Milwaukee Summerfest

19. recorded on a CD

20. Chicago Zombie Walk


21. Explored Las Vegas while being under 21 (it was still cool, I swear)

22. raised over $100 two years in a row for Relay for Life

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