A window inside life at Augustana College

Winter Tips

We’ve had a lot of posts about Christmas at Augustana and just plain Christmas, so I figured I’d stick with the theme and give you a few tips about surviving winter on this relatively large campus. 1) Bundle up. A lot. I mean it. A friend told me this last winter: “You see the people […]

Dating Ettiquette I Wish Were Still Cool

Hey everyone! This week 4 has bitten me right in the butt, seriously. It’s been so hectic trying to write my first draft on my SI intro! But I’m taking a break…so hooray!! Looks like you’re taking a break too! This week I’m blogging about more old-school dating etiquette that has fallen out of favor, […]

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear

The holiday season has arrived and brought with it every possible way to express your Christmas cheer. From door decs to trees to ugly sweaters, everyone at Augie seems to be full of the Christmas spirit. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. But there are some aspects of the holidays that I just […]

Julbord Info

Hello! Earlier today I posted about my trip to Bishop Hill with the Scandinavian Club. At the end of the long post there was a sentence or two about Augustana’s julbord this Sunday. I now have more information about it: Julbord will be December 15th at 6 pm in Founder’s basement. Please, RSVP by December […]

Lessons Learned – “Let there be peace on Earth”

I’ll just start this post with a disclaimer: This post is a little long. And it starts off slightly pessimistic, with a discussion of various health issues, but it ends on a good note (: Today I was having a terrible day. I have a back condition called degenerative disk disease. This means that the […]

Tomte Spotting at Bishop Hill

Hello! On Sunday (Dec. 8th), the Scandinavian Club travelled to Bishop Hill, IL, for its annual Chocolate Walk. Being a member of the club and a lover of chocolate, I, of course, went with my friend Michelle. It was the perfect day for such an event due to the fact it was snowing. I know […]


  So how about this weather? Not too long ago did it begin to snow and become a freezing temperature. In California, our cold weather is about 65 F, maybe 54 F, and people bring out the scarves and jackets/coats. According to my roommate Mayu, that’s hot; “I would be sweating”, she says. Adjusting to […]

Reflections on My Last Day of Being a Teenager

Happy Monday, everyone! Tomorrow is December 10, 2013, which happens to be my 20th birthday! I’ve been asked the same question by a lot of people today: “How does it feel knowing that today is your last day of being a teenager?” Honestly, it feels the same as any other day. Maybe it’s because we’re […]

Winter Term and Christmas at Augustana

In the words of the very prolific and respected artist Miley Cyrus, Winter term has come in like a wrecking ball. (That’s what that song is about, right? School? No? Oh, okay.) Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that this term has been a big change for me. As I mentioned in a previous […]

its beginning to look a lot like Augie Christmas

Greetings fellow vikings! First off, I’d like to wish everyone a happy holidays! Time seems to have gone by a lot slower since returning from thanksgiving break…but its made tolerable by the promise of my favorite holiday CHRISTMASS! Upon returning from thanksgiving break, my roomie and I decided to deck the dorm(?) and do a […]