A window inside life at Augustana College

Welcome to my blog! My name is Caitlin Slone and this is my first year a Augie! I’m currently contemplating a major in Political Science and a minor in French, but I’m really open to anything. Around campus I’m an SGA Senator, a representative on Westerlin Hall Council and the Novice Chair of the Augustana Crew Team! I work as a lifeguard at Carver and as a Student Caller at the Augie Connect Call Center. I’m obsessed with cats- my cat Sara in particular. I also enjoy cooking, knitting and reading. My current obsessions include maps, coffee and vests. Stay tuned to see where this blog takes me!

Keep Calm and Vote Neil

Over 10,000 doors, 1,000 yard signs, 14 weeks, one candidate. When I first interviewed for my internship on Neil Anderson’s Illinois Senate campaign back in July, our campaign manager, Jim, said to me, “The thing about campaigns is you either love it or you hate it, but once you get the bug, you never go […]

5 Best Bathrooms on Campus

Rush season will be wrapping up here in the next few days, and I have definitely made some fantastic memories. But there’s one thing I have to do before my rush experience comes to an end. So in honor of rush season and all the crazy questions I’ve been asked in the past week, here’s […]

Res Hall Etiquette

Tragedy struck on Monday: I ran out of clean yoga pants. This of course warranted a trip to the 2J laundry room. This is not a pleasant place, let me tell you. It’s like a jungle in there, full of crazy and scary creatures. When it comes to snagging a washer or dryer, us 2J […]

Is London Calling?

You’ve all been getting those pesky emails about “STUDY ABROAD APPS DUE!” every other day or so over break, right? Well until about three days ago when my dear friend, Paige, visited me, I didn’t even think about these emails. Once she arrived, we began discussing our options for studyingabroad and wondered if we should […]