A window inside life at Augustana College

Hello, my name is Gary Miller and I am currently a Sophomore at scenic and tree-filled Augustana College. I am a Colorado native who currently lives in downtown Denver and is a proud graduate of Columbine High School. I am an English-Creative Writing major with a Theatre minor, I also enjoy coloring outside the lines in the coloring books my professors give me here. I love being involved with Augustana football, wrestling, and Phi Omega Phi. If you take time to read my blog I can’t guarantee you will become smarter or know how to do Kung Fu like the Matrix, but you and I can be e-friends (as the kids call it). Most importantly — Go Vikings!

Mythological Creatures: Can You Trust Them With Your 401K?

If there is one thing I do take seriously in my life it’s being knowledgeable about how to battle mythical creatures. It’s been a lifelong pursuit for me, much like playing baseball with honor was for Mark Mcgwire*. It all began when I was a baby and a chupacabra named Rumple Steeleskins made a jaunt […]

Go Forth and Get High Paying Jobs

Another school year ended. I kept telling myself that it would last forever like I do every year and again I was wrong. When this school year ended I felt the same way when Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson broke up. I was depleted, shattered, and no longer a  98 Degrees fan. I convinced myself […]

Tommy Enke, American Icon

I taped an apple to my ceiling today and waited for hours to see if it would fall on my head and give me a brilliant idea. I stared idly at my wall hoping to learn the secrets of the universe like a Pre-kindergarten level Isaac Newton. After nothing happened I decided to pace around my […]

Poetry and Paschen

This past Friday I had the opportunity along with my classmates to go to a poetry day at Rivermont Collegiate in Bettendorf, Iowa. The school goes from Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade. Important for the readers out there to know is the architecture in that school was incredible. It was like walking into the house from […]

The Fax of Life

Growing up I had some wonderful neighbors who lived by me. These neighbors were the Nissen family, consisting of three gentleman who gave me some wonderful life lessons. An example of which included telling me that blood made the grass grow. I tried telling my teachers this for years but I always ended up eating […]

More From St. Baldrick’s

Rukmini Girish previously had a wonderful post about St. Baldrick’s and I suggest the read. She’s looking awesome with her shaved head! Here are some pictures from some St. Baldrick’s participants.   Congrats to everyone who participated and the Roundels for putting it on.

How To Get a Girl To Like You* In Really Confusing, Convoluted Steps

So I was asked recently by one of my friends, “Gary, can I call you Gary?” I replied, “I prefer Thomas the Enke Engine or Colby JackCheese” So my friend squeaks, “Ok, man how you gon’ get a girl to go to a formal with you?” With great knowledge and wisdom I replied to that […]

The Easter Bunny is a Time Traveling Warlock

    For Easter this year I took a sojourn with Conner Murray to a land called “Frake Farms” (Where they grow corn . . . on the cob) home to a creature known as Kyle Frake. The road trip was filled with solid music, such as that hot new joint by that dude Jimmy […]

10 True Things To Tell Recruits When They Visit Augustana

10. Spiders with knowledge of my credit score exist. If I’ve learned anything from watching television it’s that credit scores are supposed to be feared or something. 9.  Kyle Frake has the 8th Harry Potter book signed by J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter and the  Nagging Red-head Weasley and his Two Squib Kids 8. The Augustana Wrestling team […]

Frank Kalble Had Another Fish Die This Week, May He R.I.P. With Pac and Biggie

I stared into the mirror today with the kind of look that only comes along when you lose your puppy. Not just any puppy, but one you stole from your rich friend because your parents said it’s a big “responsibility”. Perhaps you’re wondering why I’m such a sad Samantha. Here are Tres (that’s english for […]