A window inside life at Augustana College

Hello, my name is Gary Miller and I am currently a Sophomore at scenic and tree-filled Augustana College. I am a Colorado native who currently lives in downtown Denver and is a proud graduate of Columbine High School. I am an English-Creative Writing major with a Theatre minor, I also enjoy coloring outside the lines in the coloring books my professors give me here. I love being involved with Augustana football, wrestling, and Phi Omega Phi. If you take time to read my blog I can’t guarantee you will become smarter or know how to do Kung Fu like the Matrix, but you and I can be e-friends (as the kids call it). Most importantly — Go Vikings!

Wrestlers Make Excellent Babysitters: A Short Factoid

Many people assume that Augustana wrestling coach Eric Juergens learned to wrestle by growing up in the hot bed of Iowa. They say that Dan Gable, Jim Zalesky, and the Brands brothers sharpened him into a bear ninja during his time as a Hawkeye. While this is true, there is however a hidden truth. During […]

Augustana People: Jenna Hofmann, Tickle Me Elmo Enthusiast

  Jenna is one of three former Columbine Rebels here at Augustana. Back at  Columbine There’s a saying, “Once a Rebel, always a Rebel,” this goes beyond being a cheeky T-shirt slogan or some cliché, if you’re from there your family. Of course families sometimes fight and don’t see each other for a while. A perfect […]

SAGA Magazine, Where The Buffalo Roam

SAGA Art & Literary Magazine is Augustana’s only literary and art magazine and has some awesome news for folks who like to write, draw, read, or do anything artistic. The first order of business, this week SAGA is doing a throwback to Augustana’s Graffiti room. What was the Graffiti room? Well to quote a wondrously well worded […]

Augustana People: Erik Niemeier, Water Bender-Polo Player

This man has gone his whole life never hearing, “You gave the company to Erik!” and I’m pretty sure doesn’t even know what Billy Madison is. I wish that were true. He’s actually very well versed in Adam Sandler’s shenanigans. I first met Erik while we were pledging the Phi Omega Phi fraternity (Green Lantern […]

Augustana People: Sam Mago, the last scion of House Mago.

I imagine being one of the Mago brothers is akin to roasting marshmallows on a summer night after watching the Baby Sitters Club movie where Larisa Oleynik isn’t playing Alex Mack or being secretive about it. The night would start out that way until someone called Zeus and told him Al Roker stole his lightning bolts […]

The Big Blue House

This is not what my Dad looks like, I know there was a lot of confusion at the Zander house ice cream social last night. I know the resemblance is uncanny and I look like I remember the Titans but the truth is we had a conversation once and I couldn’t even pick them out […]

The Start of School and Something Special.

David Lee Roth once said about school, “Ow! Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad I’m hot for teacher I’ve got it  bad, so bad I’m hot for teacher”. I feel the same enthusiasm about starting at Augie again. The campus looks like it has been working out this summer to impress an […]

Augustana People: Connor “Not Alex Bowers” Cummings

Because I believe in equality and that Elvis is currently living in Milwaukee, I wanted to gain further insight into the male psyche at Augustana. The mind of an Augustana man is one of great complication. Our previous subject of interrogation was our marvelous Kwilli (holla). This time it is the magnanimous Connor Cummings. This […]

Augustana People: THE KWilli

“Augustana is fantastic place to send your children or house pets. I never would have became the man I am or learned how to build a suit of armor that would save the world or defeat the Mandarin. Go Vikings” -Tony Stark. The best thing about Augustana isn’t the trees that talk, the hills that […]

When You’re a Kid You Want To Grow Taller Than Trees

Here is a toast to childhood and the kids who dream too much. When I was a student at Mountain View elementary school in Parker, Colorado we were given the obligatory assignment every kid gets  at some point “what do you want to be when you grow up”.  I figured out right then and there what […]