A window inside life at Augustana College

Hello, my name is Gary Miller and I am currently a Sophomore at scenic and tree-filled Augustana College. I am a Colorado native who currently lives in downtown Denver and is a proud graduate of Columbine High School. I am an English-Creative Writing major with a Theatre minor, I also enjoy coloring outside the lines in the coloring books my professors give me here. I love being involved with Augustana football, wrestling, and Phi Omega Phi. If you take time to read my blog I can’t guarantee you will become smarter or know how to do Kung Fu like the Matrix, but you and I can be e-friends (as the kids call it). Most importantly — Go Vikings!

Sputtering Words, Fluttering Birds, Nothing Misheard.

Dear Twitter, The city of Denver and I seem to like staying up late together. Tonight were sharing a wonderful tapestry of a conversation. Tonight, I am told that tomorrow will bring dull conversations about the weather were having. Tonight,  I begin sketches in my notebook concerning my plot to build an ant farm in the middle of […]

Another Belated Happy National Poetry Month

April was national poetry month.   Here’s a poem by the dynamically talented Jeffrey Mcdaniel. Feel free to send your daughters to Augustana. Alibi School My pal, Jake, majored in corruption. His final exam: a girl from the Midwest, three weeks to dismantle eighteen years of good parenting. High results came early in the easy […]

¿nación de phi rho?

April is National Poetry Month, so read or write a poem. Go check out SAGA magazine if you haven’t either. Alli Petrassi, Hannah Bohn and the staff worked real hard on it. This is a blog about telling the truth. Tweet that. What’s your favorite toaster strudel? Quickly. Not quick enough. Today I tried talking to […]

Hard Boiled Detective Eggs.

The porch, the sun, the discount Chinese food, the Aldi beer. I spent the Easter Sunday enjoying little things. I lost a few games of internet chess and read a book. It was a real tear jerker. That caterpillar ate and ate and ate, but was still hungry.   It was a great day to […]

Bald Americans

St. Baldrick’s is coming up and many students will be doing their best Lex Luthor impersonations for a good cause! One of these students is Annie Martines. I’ll let her describe what she is trying to achieve in her own words from her link which is posted below. “Hi everyone! This year I am participating […]

Did You Know That in Kentucky a KFC is Also A Bed and Breakfast?

The weekend before Buckethead I had the opportunity to go to the 38th Humana Festival of New Plays in Louisville, Kentucky. There was an assortment of wonderful theatre, the Louisville Actors Studio was an amazing place to visit. I believe I went there a simple uncultured troglodyte and came back a rational human being with a  greater […]

Someone Might Read This

I imagine Augustana student Dan Murray reading this in his bathrobe. He’s got a fresh cup of hot cocoa with some marshmallows melting upon it and some sprinkles of peppermint to give it that perfect hint of Winter coziness. He’s clean shaven at the moment, but he’s considering not shaving to appear more mature to […]

Augustana People: Mark “Didn’t Gary write about his sister Jenna? Oh, That’s Not His Sister? It’s Spelled Differently? Well Then Whatever!” Hoffmann

  Quick quiz for everyone. Try and see who is smarter in each photo. (Answers below)   Answers 1. Tony Stark is a super genius, however, he is a fictional character. First appearing in Tales of Suspense #39. By choosing Tony Stark your skills at determining the “smarterer” one have been called into question. The […]

Se·ñor Augustana

The CAP Sorority did a good deed this past weekend with their Mr. Augustana man pageant. They raised about $3,500 to help benefit the American Cancer Society, earning their angel wings in the process too. Audience members were treated to a delightful show and eye candy such as Nowlan Savage and David Voland for example, […]

Trapped in The Classroom: Part 2 Ft. Pitbull

I remember the first time I realized how important a teacher truly was in a child’s development. It was sixth grade and the teacher was discussing symbolism in A Wrinkle in Time by  Madeleine L’Engle. If you haven’t read the book it’s pretty fantastic and right up there with the Bernstein Bears series of short novels. […]