A window inside life at Augustana College

Hi! My names Daniel! and here are just a few of my nicknames that have been given to me: Dan,Danny,Dan the Man, Dan the Mexican, Tan Man Dan, Dannyboy, Bodyguard, Big Bro… and the list can go on forever. I’m a first-year pre-veterinary major.

I was orn and raised until the age of 12 in Chicago. I moved to Moline in the middle of sixth grade, and I have been in Mo-Town ever since! I am very active. I love doing sports, reading, laughing and getting into a lot of shenanigans! I hope you guys love to read/see my stuff, and I can’t wait for the rest of this year!

I’m back

Hi guys! sorry about not posting in almost 2 weeks! its been extremely crazy. first off quidditch is going amazing, even though my left arm is covered in bruises…anyhoo i just wanted to talk a bit about the upcoming election for the presidency of the United States. So everyones hearing about the ObamavsRomney slandering they’ve […]


Hey guys/gals! i finally have my blog up! that’s whats up! i’ll try posting every week, and i’ll try doing different stuff like “Cribs”, where i’ll show you someones dorm, or “Dan’s Questions” where i’ll go up to a random student and ask them random questions and other random stuff hopefully everyone sees this and […]