A window inside life at Augustana College

My name is Dalton Misener. I’m am getting ready to head off to Augustana for my freshman year with all of you fine folks. As of right now, I am either double or triple majoring (business, communications, and computer science). I am a body modification enthusiast – piercings, tattoos, implants, suspension. Name it and I’ve probably either done it or am going to once time and money allow. I have a love for extreme sports, including bridge-jumping and skydiving (going in a few weeks). Other than that, I am a very down-to-Earth person, easily approachable. Don’t let the tattoos and piercings sway you away. Music, movie, and game enthusiast! Feel free to find me on Facebook or email me anytime!

Summer Connection

Well everyone, the Summer Connections are finally underway!  I had the pleasure of getting to attend the very first Summer Connection of the year and loved it!  They really tell you everything you may need to know for move in day/the first week of attending Augustana College!  After attending the SC, you will finally feel […]