A window inside life at Augustana College

Hi there!! My name is Chelsey Peterson and I’m from Arlington Heights, a northwest suburb of Chicago. Right now my intended major is Anthropology with a possible second major/minor in English. My interests include, but are not limited to: music (alternative mostly), design, good books, tea, spending too much time on the internet, roller coasters, photography, and practicing, but failing at the ukulele. When I come to Augie, I’m hoping to join concert band, a sorority, and whatever clubs pique my interests. I’m excited to come to Augustana and meet the people I’ll be spending the next four years with!

Dreen Team

So here it is, the time has come for my first year dorm room.  At first when I saw the other dorms at Westerlin I was jealous (mostly because of their huge bathrooms!!) but I’m very happy that Andreen is my dorm room this year.  Westerlin may have the cafeteria and c-store but it is […]