A window inside life at Augustana College

I’m Luke Currie. I’m also a twin, and my brother is going to Augie as well. I’m a fairly creative person. I enjoy writing, especially plays and short films, as well as dabbling in a little bit of composing. I also very much enjoy being on stage or in front of the camera as well. I’m very involved with theatre and choir. At Augustana, I’m looking to major in Theatre and Computer Science (at least that’s the plan). I’d really like to get a core group of friends that can just get together and make movies and have an improv night or something fun like that. I’m just a guy looking to create. I hope Augustana turns out to be everything I dreamed it would be, and I’m looking forward to a great year!

Theatre People

(Shut up, WordPress; I did not spell ‘theatre’ wrong) So, week one is done. Wait no. My brother is telling me the weeks here end on Sunday. 26 hours to go, I guess. I’m adjusting well. Getting into the mix of things. Slowly but surely making friends. My plan so far is to meet people […]

Moving Forward

You would think, or I least I did, that by leaving high school you leave all the high school issues behind. By that, I mean all the stereotypes or cliques you thought were only in high school. Today, I realized this wasn’t the case. There are all types of people here. Jocks, klutzes, the obnoxiously loud […]