A window inside life at Augustana College

My name is James Stratton, I am a sophomore studying Multimedia Journalism Mass Comm. I am from Sherrard Ill, a very small town of 640 people. I play football and am involved in FCA on campus.


Movement Kony

Readers, or whomever reads this small blog that I sparsely write.   There is something going on that you don’t know about, that you most likely will never know about… Until you watch this. KONY 2012 Click the link, watch the video, spread the word.   This needs to be spread, spread like wildfire, tweet […]

Packers: The Bandwagon’s full, but don’t hop on yet

Here’s a sports column I wrote for the observer for this week, figured it would be enjoyable.   The number four jersey and the 1990’s era packers will always be remembered in Green Bay history, but Favre and the 1996 Super Bowl ring are long gone. The Aaron Rodgers era is in full swing and […]

Chase your dreams

To whomever reads my blog, I apologize for the shortage of posts in the past month. With saying that, we’ll pick up from what I’ve been up to at Augie the last few weeks. Going all the way back to fall break, I enjoyed it. I stayed on campus because of football and loved every […]

Fall, Football, and Friends

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog, unfortunately I’ve been very busy with football and finishing up classes for the term. The equation sort of goes like this: Week 10+ Football= Good Grades- sleep. No matter how much sleep I lose I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything else. I complain every […]

Round Two

A typical Monday… other than the fact that the dude outside my apartment window has been leaf blowing for the past hour. Kidding, I realize its part of his job. Anyway, my blog doesn’t really have a focus, I feel like its just me blabbing about whatever, but honestly Im cool with that. The good […]

What’s up What’s up?

Yo, Welcome to my first post for Augie! My name is James Stratton (some call me sunshine) and I am a Sophomore at Augustana. I play football and am majoring in Multimedia Journalism Mass Comm. I plan on becoming some sort of sports journalist and or sports reporter/anchor. I currently have a radio show called […]