A window inside life at Augustana College

Hi there! My name is Jessica Gerdisch and I am a first year student. I am from Naperville, IL where I attended Waubonsie Valley High School. I am planning on majoring in CSD and possibly French. Also, I’m involved with orchestra, Best Buddies, ASSHA, and UNYK here on campus. In my little amount of free time, I like to read, watch TV, and hang out with my friends. I hope you enjoy my blog! :)

bye bye winter term

Okay, so 3 things: 1. Sorry on the realz because I have not been blogging very often lately. I’ve been busy. Let’s leave it at that. 2. I’m drinking hot chocolate right now and it’s freaking delicious. 3. I can’t believe winter term is over!!!!!!!!! I thought winter term was going to drag on so […]

IT’S FINALLY OVER!! (aka Rush)

I made it! I survived! Hooray! Btw, sorry I literally haven’t blogged in forever. Literally. Sorry. This weekend was Informal Recruitment for Greek Life at Augie! (Also known as Rush) It was an amazing weekend and I had so much fun! I did not think I was going to rush at all when I first […]


Soooo the reason I haven’t really blogged is because taking 4 classes sucks. Haha just kidding, but really it’s a TON of work, so I’m super duper busy. Anywho IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! I love Christmastime because it entails eating cookies, drinking hot chocolate, curling up on the couch with my kindle, and literally nothing else. […]

I said brr it’s cold in here

So winter term has officially begun! And it is actually starting to get cold out. Gosh darn it… This term I’m taking: French 331 (Intro to Lit), LSFY 102 (Hades to Hell), Africana Studies 101, and Psych 100. So far I really like all of my classes and all of my teachers so I’m super […]


It’s AUGIEWEEN! Woo hoo! I had a lot of trouble thinking of a costume this year. I had a lot to do because, well, it was week 10, and I am not a creative person, so it took me a really long time to come up with something. My friend and Bree and I finally […]

I love TV.

I really do. I cannot even tell you how many shows I would watch on a daily basis when I lived at home and had a nice DVR to watch them on. I. Love. My. Shows. However, it is very hard to keep up with it now that I have a busy schedule with homework […]

That awkward moment when…

some people are waving at you but they are pretty far away, so you can’t really tell who it is, so you don’t do anything…but then they keep waving, so you think, “Maybe I do know them,” and so you just wave back…but then as you approach each other, you realize you actually don’t know […]

every day I’m shufflin’

Last night was the UNYK Fall Show! After 16 hours of practice last week, you could say I was ready for the show to finally be here. But, I am sad it’s over. I made a bunch of new friends because of UNYK and now I don’t get to see them every week until prep […]

rain rain go away and never come back. please.

I did not bring a raincoat or rain boots to college. This worked out really well when I woke up this morning to the sound of raindrops outside my window. Furthermore, I thought that the hood on my Augie sweatshirt would suffice as a shield from this monstrosity. Guess what? It didn’t. I have an […]


Okay, so, it wasn’t today, but it has happened twice this week… Here’s what happened (kudos to any who know the Monk reference!): I’m just chillin’ in my bed, sleeping the morning away like I usually do, and a tour knocks, and just as I’m awakening from my slumber, they walk in. Keep in mind, […]