A window inside life at Augustana College

Hydroecology Immersion Term

I just got done with my very first immersion term and it was freaking awesome. During my class experience, we went to the river many times and did other amazing things. I did my very first research project with my class. Our research project was proposed by the Fish and Wildlife Services. The research project […]

Fishing for class

So on Friday, my class went out to sunset marina where we siphoned for fish. We went out to the Mississippi river where we put these huge nets that had wooden circles on the top of the the net and a lead line on the bottom. In the middle of the net, there was a […]

What up Augie!!

Heyo everyone, this is my very first blog ever. So my name is Aaron Trost and I am a sophomore. I am a Geography major and still debating on whether to do a Spanish minor. I am in cross country, track, fencing, and usually have a radio program for waug. But for his year I am not […]