A window inside life at Augustana College

Hello! My name is Vanessa Reyes and this is my first year at Augustana which is awesome because I love it here! I am originally from Toluca, IL and I went to Fieldcrest High School in Minonk. (Go Knights!) I am thinking about possibly majoring in neuroscience but I’m not 100% sure. So far on campus, I’ve been keeping busy and getting involved with a lot of groups and clubs like Augustana College Democrats, Circle K, Latinos Unidos, SAFARI, MPB, Emerge, and WAUG (listen to my show Fridays @ 11 AM!) I am kind of a nerd and I love staying up to current events and I LOVE comedy! I hope to update this blog frequently and I hope you guys read it and like it!

So I’ve Been A Little Busy…

So I sincerely meant to post days ago but as you can read from my title, I’ve been a little busy super, crazy busy. I’ll start with my weekend two weekends ago. Saturday. Early. (Like NINE AM early!) I met up with Latinos Unidos (LU) for the Mexican Independence Parade at Casa Latina. We got all […]

Learning How To (Not) Fail

So this is my first blog post, yay! It is the Sunday before Week 5 starts which I’ve come to learn means being busy, busy, busy! Even though I only have three classes, I have no free time. I am inundated in homework (most of it for my Logos class.) Other than classes and homework, […]