A window inside life at Augustana College

Though my name is Rukmini, hardly anyone can say it right, so people generally call me Ruki. I’m from Hoffman Estates, IL, in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, though I only moved there three years ago from India. I’m planning on a Creative Writing major, with major or minor in Theatre Arts, and I’m interested in Sociology too so we’ll see where that goes. I love reading and writing, and I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter series and the Inheritance Cycle. At Augie, I’m part of the Quidditch team, Prose Board for SAGA (the literary magazine), After Hours (the creative writing group on campus) and SAFARII (an immigration and refugee awareness group on campus).

Who’s up for free pie?

So I’ve written a lot about Quidditch, but I don’t think I’ve written too much about my other activities. Last spring, I pledged Alpha Psi Omega, a national theatre honors society. I did a lot of theatre in high school, onstage and off, and I realized that most theatre people are the craziest, loudest, quirkiest, […]

The Not-So-Secret Minority

On college tours and these blogs, we all talk endlessly about clubs and activities, complain about classes, and talk about our friends… but no one really talks about professors. They’re kind of taken for granted. You take classes, you have professors, you complain about them and/or the homework they give you. But interacting with professors in […]

It’s a Friendly Place… I Promise!

So the big news for me this week is that I completed my first tutoring sessions. I’m a tutor at the Reading/Writing Center (2nd floor of the Tredway Library for those of you who don’t know where it is), and I tutored two amazing students on Tuesday. For obvious confidentiality reasons, I’m not going to […]

A Return to Augie

My first week of being a college sophomore is almost done (apart from three classes and Quidditch practice, because, you know, that’s how college works) and returning to campus and classes couldn’t have been more different from my arrival last year as a nervous little first-year. As I was moving into my room I met […]

Three Tips on Employment

First-years on work-study, hear my call. Have faith, keep trying and you will probably succeed in finding a job on campus. Sophomores, juniors and seniors have a much wider range of job options available to them. They know professors, they know people who will recommend them for positions. Once the jobs in the library and […]

My Life in my Pockets

One of my assignments for my class in Writing Creative Nonfiction is to keep a daily journal. I always used to think of journals as boring–I mean, who wants to hear what I did and ate and stuff? Now, I finally realize that my journal is not a list of the day’s events. It’s not […]

A Lesson in Humility

Augie is usually a very welcoming community, as I said in this post. I love it here. It’s just that sometimes, as a non-Christian, I used to feel a little in the minority. Foundations this term also incorporates our Christian Traditions perspective, a requirement for every student at Augie. We just finished reading An Autobiography […]

The Move

So, remember how I was living in a lounge in Westerlin? What my first blog post was about? Well, right before break, one of my roommates and I moved to a permanent room in Seminary residence hall. I now have two roommates, instead of three like I used to, and I really, really love living […]

Juggling aka Time-Management

Pardon me for this unusually long pause between posts, but this term so far has just been incredibly crazy. What with classes (obviously), required lectures and events to attend, a job (hurray! Finally!) and definitely more homework than last term, these five weeks have been kind of ridiculous so far. And I have another class […]

Week 1: Done

So… after an awesome fall break (two visits to my high school, and one book signing by Christopher Paolini), it was strange getting back here. Week 1 was… vaguely unsettling. I guess I like my routine and I had it all figured out by the end of last term. And then everything changed. Different times […]