A window inside life at Augustana College

Hey! I’m Nicole Wilcek, a first year here at Augie. I’m from Chicago where I attended Lane Tech. My future plans are to major in Business Admin and possibly Communications and I might even pick up an Art major or minor. I’m currently apart of business club and Augie Bigs and I definitely plan on getting more involved. Enjoy!

It’s been a while..

I’ve completely neglected this blog lately and I’m sorry for that I hope you all had an outstanding break! I’d like to discuss the pros and cons of the lovely Fall Break Augie bestows upon us for a second… Pro’s A full week of being able to do whatever you want. Of course, some people […]


Is it really already week 10? First term literally flew by. I can’t believe it’s basically over. Overall, it was pretty good. I didn’t really feel overwhelmed or stressed and I feel like I did good. Plus…I only have one final What I’m really looking forward to is next term. I’m finally taking a class […]

Rock Island

I’m from Chicago aka the greatest city ever. I love it. Coming from Chicago to Rock Island has been a big change. I never thought that coming from a big city to a smaller town would ever be this difficult. Before I start, excuse my bias towards city life, my lack of truly knowing my […]


College is all about trying new things, right? Honestly, I’m not one who is usually open to new things..I like to stick to what I know. A few weeks back some friends invited me and my roommate to play tennis. I literally laughed at the thought of playing tennis. 1. I’m not too athletic, scratch […]

Augie Internet, Procrastination, and Homework.

Bluntly said…Augie has terrible internet- unless you’re in the library then I find it’s usually alright. For anyone trying to check Facebook, email, do some homework (so, more Facebook), research, etc..its a pain. The fact that most of the time it takes my computer FOREVER to connect to the internet and load whatever website I’m trying to […]

Rooming with my Best Friend

When most people heard that my best friend and I were to be rooming together, all I got as a response was an unenthusiastic ‘that’s nice’ or an ‘aren’t you guys going to get sick of each other?’ Personally, I was so glad to be able to experience something completely new with someone that I […]