A window inside life at Augustana College

Marlena De Luna is a freshman from Galesburg, Illinois. She is interested in majoring in Multimedia Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC) and Spanish. Marlena sings in Augie’s Cantaliena choir. She is also involved with GSA, fencing club, the Augustana Observer, DDR club and Anime club.

A Tribute

I’ve meant to post this for quite a while now; before I catch up with anything else, I wish to halt all other thoughts and dedicate this particular post to a certain overshadowed student organization! It might be helpful to garner more publicity considering the recent decline of members due to school schedules becoming far […]

A musing

Old Main looks incredibly eerie and also wonderfully… inspiring at night. I noticed this just a few days ago whilst on a walk to calm my nerves (week ten hasn’t negatively affected my psyche too much as of yet, though I suppose that might possibly change next term); needless to say, it evoked rather contemplative feelings […]


One of the things I would say that I love the best about Augustana is the likelihood of school faculty inviting you into their office for tea and chitchat. This has happened to me twice so far, once when I broke down in my LSFY class a mere few weeks ago (a Scandinavian professor happened […]

I am terrible.

Daily Rice

First impressions mean more to me than anyone could ever surmise. It’s incredibly difficult to simply write this first post and be done with it; it must display a personality and a physique of its own! It cannot be drab and dull, you know? When you take someone whose eccentricities must not fail to be […]