A window inside life at Augustana College

My name is Leslie Carranza, though I also answer to Cecil Jenkins. Since infancy, I’ve lived a city in the northeast corner of Illinois with Lake Michigan being a short bike ride away. This year is the first in which I’ll be living in a predominantly white community with no beaches. My feelings about this: “Dang” One liners, peaches, Dr. Pepper, and turtles are only a few among many of my favorite things. Honesty is generally my policy, though lying is also an art I’ve nearly perfected. Sometimes I forget I’m in the middle of doing something, like driving or writing a letter to a friend. I am never bored. Though I’m a child at heart, I don’t get along with kids well. These are only a few of the things worth knowing about me :]

Friday: Lazy and Amazing

note: pay no attention to the date this was posted (sadly, that may be exactly what you’re going to do now…) Monday – Thursday: 4 days of trying to keep up with scheduled commitments and scattered study time by downing 2 tall chai lattes with extra shots of espresso on average. My 10 foot high […]

A baggie full of Cheerios

The last time I had a baggie full of Cheerios was far too long ago: My words were shorter, a little bit sweeter, yet in need of some more flavor.

Random Compliment Day

Time: September 19th, 9pm-ish Location: Seminary Hall (mostly) Narrator: energetic and a bit dumb as a result of a long day Generally I don’t pay attention to made up event invitations on Facebook, but today was a definite exception. Since arriving on campus, I have befriended a lovely young lady named Audrey. She frequently gives […]