A window inside life at Augustana College

My name is Leslie Carranza, though I also answer to Cecil Jenkins. Since infancy, I’ve lived a city in the northeast corner of Illinois with Lake Michigan being a short bike ride away. This year is the first in which I’ll be living in a predominantly white community with no beaches. My feelings about this: “Dang” One liners, peaches, Dr. Pepper, and turtles are only a few among many of my favorite things. Honesty is generally my policy, though lying is also an art I’ve nearly perfected. Sometimes I forget I’m in the middle of doing something, like driving or writing a letter to a friend. I am never bored. Though I’m a child at heart, I don’t get along with kids well. These are only a few of the things worth knowing about me :]

What is True Love?: An Example (February: writings of love in weekly installments)

True love it timeless. This video brings me to tears at the purity of the bond between these two people. I hope anyone that watches this enjoys it as much as I have.

Ten Relationship Words That Aren’t Translatable Into English (February: writings of love in weekly installments)

Our means of expression is often limited by the language we use. The value an abstract idea holds in a culture can be seen in the amount of ways available for people to express it to each other. Unfortunately, in the English-speaking culture, there are just some feelings/actions that don’t can’t be expressed in a […]

Say yes to the dress (February: writings of love in weekly installments)

After a fairly long lull in activity, Leslie is back and with commitment! Since I’ve been inactive for a while, I figure it would be a good idea to make a weekly post concerning love, good, bad, or nonsensical. This week, I’ll start with a thought: Love is like someone with amateur sewing abilities finding […]

So WAUG-able

One day, I decided that I should have a good listen to my voice (because I honestly can’t say that I’m sure if what I heard is the same as what every one else hears). So I figured recording snippits of myself putting on my radio shows would be a good idea. This is what […]

Empathy for lefties in a righty-dominated world

With the remodeling of the library going on, there’s only one thing I don’t have to complain about: the arm chairs with swiveling tablets and cup holders. They’re similar to this one, but not exactly (picture soon to be posted). It wasn’t until earlier today, as I settled down with my history text book and steaming […]

Declaring a major: Why I have a problem with commitment

These days, it seems like kids are too eager to tie the knot, by which I mean declaring a major. I have always imagined this process to be long and complex, requiring the sacrificing of a split-hooved critter representing your freedom over the a desk of one’s new major advisor upon the arrival of the […]

Times when I realize I’m a college student

There are many times since starting school that I have looked at myself and thought “well, I did not expect to expect this from myself..”, like when–  I’m trudging across campus with my back pack and hands full of grocery bags. My groceries consist of Coke, fruit snacks, and creamy chicken Ramen noodles. I’m wearing […]

What I love about the final week of the school year

For the first time in my recent memory, it’s Thursday afternoon and quiet on the 5th floor of the library. As I’m sitting by myself with a super cookie and the remainder of what the Brew has to offer, I tell myself to forget about my current responsibilities for a moment. Listen to the buzzing […]

Some people really do learn something new everyday

At 10:30 Saturday evening, after a dance showcase, I had the opportunity to go blues dancing. After deciding not to go and returning to my room, I realized that I didn’t have anyone to keep me  company. At first, I thought this to be sad and I somewhat wish I hadn’t declined the offer to […]

Leslie’s Log, entry 24: it’s late, so I’ll be brief

What is going on in Leslie’s mind in less than 400 words: Who: Leslie Carranza; the ladies (and some gentlemen) of Seminary; prominent peeps in my LSFY class; my mom; AfroReggae. What: pain… and the fact that I cut metal for the first time ever; the flood that struck, the teamwork that cleaned it up […]