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Fingerless gloves sorta day

This morning following my 8:30 history class, I walked over to Freshen’s, the usual table.  I opened itunes, which my friend had recently updated with a bunch of her albums.  Playing through them, I came upon something quite magical.  It was Schizophrenia (Rochester Sessions) by Jukebox the Ghost.  It was love at first listen.  Schizophrenia  […]

Adventures of: The Goddess of Leaves

I wrote this story/rant around this time last year, and can see it still applies, much to my dismay: It was then that I saw it.  The leaves that until today had been rivers of colors surrounding trees, reaching towards the sidewalks, an array of crunching steps to brighten just anyone’s day.  But what I […]

Childhood Catches Up

Well, to be honest- it’s been a struggling week, what with allergies, being sick, and midterms, yuck.  However….thankfully the weekend has much in store! Which brings me to my next point: Childhood, and the fact that mine has never really left me.  For example, tonight I will be going with a group of rambunctious friends for the […]

Waiting For Ballet: A 1st blogging

Let me first start off with this morning—it was freezing!! However much I was disgusted by the freezing cold..I am equally excited, awaiting the start of fall! There was lengthy discussion on the Catholic church’s view on birth control–(American Catholicism), and now awaiting the time to leave for Ballet…which never fails to suprise people/friends/etc… that […]