A window inside life at Augustana College

Hey! My name is Elizabeth Perez and I’m currently a sophomore here at Augustana College. I’m from Chicago Heights, IL and attended Bloom High School. I’m majoring in Pre-Medicine and Neuro-Science and possibly a minor is Psychology. I’m very involved here at Augie. Currently I’m a member and Executive Co-Chair for Campus Outreach for The Multicultural Programming Board (MPB). I am Vice-President of Latinos Unidos (LU), a member of The Black Student Union (BSU), and President of the social group, The Majestic Hearts (MGs). I am always willing to help and answer any questions. I LOVE Harry Potter and video games! I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog!

Word to the Wise

Its week five and I haven’t posted anything in who knows how long.  That is due to my schedule… here’s a word to the wise, when your schedule looks like this: Monday:Anatomy 8:30 – 9:45, Religion 10:00-11:15, Organic Lab 1:30-5:20, MPB Meeting: 5:00-5:30, Latinos Unidos: 6:00-6:30  (then homework the rest of the day) Tuesday: Psych: […]


Just a note before you you read this post, its long and I’m more than likely making up half of it as it has been a week since the events I’m about to talk about.  Oh well, it should be worth it, I half promise you. If you read til the end and decide that […]

Happy Birthday!

Ohh noo! I’m sorry I haven’t written in a few days, more like eleven to be specific, but whatever, its been a while. And it was my birthday two days ago! I’m no longer a teen and I’m twenty. I feel old!  Birthday’s here at school are way different from those at home.  I went […]

Oh Science, you are funny!

I was going to title this, “so basically” but then I remembered that was the title to my other blog.  Oh how uncreative and lazy I am.  Anyway, short blog update, because like before, there nothing really that new with me.  Life with Liz is not as cool as that show “My Life as Liz”  […]

So basically…

Hello again!  I haven’t posted anything because I’m basically a lazy bum.   I do not have a good excuse except that if and when I do have down time, I like to sleep, read, or just play video games (mostly sleep).  Since last week I haven’t done anything interesting, my college life is mostly class, […]

I wanna be the very best!

Like no one ever was!! (Pokemon anyone?) This weekend I attended LeaderQUEST!  Don’t know what that is? Neither did I! I received a letter in my mail box about two weeks ago informing me I was selected to attend LeaderQUEST in an effort to better my leadership skills as well as meet current or future […]