A window inside life at Augustana College

Callie Winter
Communications Major
Tennis team
Phi Rho Sorority
Interests include spending time with friends, reading, shopping,
skiing, and biking!

Haven’t blogged in forever! :(

Hello everyone! Sorry I have not blogged in forever, the last of the term, fall break, and beginning this term left me busy what felt like all the time! I am assuming that everyone finished the last term alive, and had a nice fall break! One thing I really wish would change is that school […]

Different Colleges

Last weekend, I traveled with the Augustana Women’s tennis team to Carthage College for our last meets for the season, conference. It ended up going well, and the team got forth place. As I was watching some of the matches, I left for a little while and wandered around the Carthage College Campus. Before I […]

First Blog!

Hey everyone! This is my first blog, so just bare with me! I’m Callie Winter, I am from Downers Grove, a suburb of Chicago. I am a Sophomore here and am still a little undecided about my major but am going in the Communications route for right now and may try out Multi Media Journalism […]