A window inside life at Augustana College

Hi! My name is Andrew (AJ) Nice, and I am a junior at Augustana. I love to have fun and be involved. I am currently majoring in biology, focusing on becoming a physician assistant, and am working toward a minor in psychology. I have worked in an array of different departments, but have found my niche at the Office of Student Activities (OSA) working as an Executive Board Member for Explore. I pole vault for our Augie men’s track team and was one of the re-founding fathers of the newly reinstated Rho Nu Delta fraternity.

Mentor or Friend

Can professor’s, employer’s, or administrator’s maintain a balance between their role as a facilitator or ‘boss’ and be considered a friend at the same time? During my time studying in East Asia I have gotten to know the professor’s and the different directors a good amount. After spending weeks together with one another -students and faculty- […]

Number One

Who doesn’t like to finish first? Or be the favorite in a crowd? Or have, what seems to be like… everything? Everyone of us have some-type of individual that we admire, maybe so much that it causes us to become jealous. This among many other things, will be one of the experiences you will face […]

How do I get involved on campus? What can Augie offer me?

When I first came to Augustana I knew that I wanted to be involved with organizations, club, athletics, etc. However, where do you start? The first couple weeks of any college are going to be hectic, regardless of where you go, and many opportunities will arise in a short amount of time; it is not possible to […]