A window inside life at Augustana College

Hello! My name is Ana Mullin and I am from St. Cloud, Minnesota. I am a junior here at Augustana majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Psychology looking to pursue a career in advertising. I am involved in several activities including Advertising Developers (ADs) and Augustana Web Guild. I also work for the Communications and Marketing Office at Augie as a student designer…but I think they keep me around to fill them in on campus gossip. I keep my hands full outside of school with advertising internships, friends, and keeping it real.

The extinction of avoiding people.

I can’t go anywhere without people trying to ‘chat’ me. It used to be that people could just shout to you if they were nearby. Then people could call you. You never knew who it was, so you picked up the phone every time. Then caller ID was invented and we could not answer the […]

So much time and so little to do…wait, that’s not right…

It’s already the end of the first week of senior year, and it flew by just as I was hoping/afraid it would. Whoever said senior year is a breeze, clearly did not attend Augustana College in my situation. I’m starting my senior civic engagement, which is the speech comm senior inquiry. We have to research a […]

A fall back into reality.

Well, the first day of my last year has officially concluded. I realized on my way to my first class that I have gotten all the wiser, but not all the less clumsier or rushed. After falling up the stairs in front of about 20 students I promptly texted my family and friends about my failure […]

Doughnuts and wedgies

Due to popular demand, I am writing a blog for the week! And boy, did I ever pick a bad week to not keep up with blogging. To begin, this week has already presented many concerns that I’ll have to worry about in the future with classes and jobs for both the present and near […]

Ghost town

Faster than I could even blink my eyes, we have reached Easter break. So much has led up to week four this year. The last two weeks were chaotic, but incredibly rewarding for me. I pulled the first all-nighter of the term during week three to design our AD’s planbook. It is my current pride […]

What time is it?!

Hello all! I realize it has been a while since I have blogged (and so has Eric Page, apparently) so let’s see if I can try and catch you up. It’s already week 2 of spring term ’010. I know. I don’t know when that happened either. Spring term has started off with a violent […]

Cracking the case

As many of you may not know, Augustana has recently (and I mean recently!) started a mock trial team. When I read an email explaining that Augustana was going to start a mock trial team my mind did not even consider the fact that I had no time to do so. I hit reply and explained […]

Who woulda thought?!

So, apparently you can’t do more things than there are hours in the day. I am learning this the hard way. Imagine a mega advertising, web designer, lawyer, student girl. Welcome to my life. I have realized that this is the only time in my life that I will be able to try all of […]

Guilty pleasures

I realized that I am weird. I enjoy weird things and do not think or act as a normal person would. I have been noticing this more and more as I grow, or whenever I just take time to stop and think about my actions or thoughts. Nothing I do seems out of the usual […]

First Official Blog

So, apparently you can get a blog if you steal a foam core cut out of an authority figure at Augustana. Thus, my Augie Blog. Awesome! Well it’s the first day of winter term, and everyone is glad to be back. I was actually pretty excited to start my new classes today…not as excited as […]