A window inside life at Augustana College

Ello there! I’m Crystal.

You probably don’t know me (yet), but we share the same universe!

Welcome to my world (or at least how I view it). I’m pretty short so I can’t see everything, but I try!

Anyway, here’s a few things about myself; I’m hope this keeps your interest.

* I’m a first-year that plans to major in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Recently, Sociology, Africana Studies, and Anthropology have been sparking my interest, so one of those may possibly become my minor.

* I’m from Chicago, by the way. And when I say “Chicago”, I do not mean any of the surrounding suburbs. Pretty legit.

* I am a member of the Darwin Club, BSU, Global Affect, Farm 2 Fork, GSA and possibly Quidditch. Yes, I said “Quidditch”. I don’t know much about the club, all I’m aware of is that we have actually tournaments with other colleges and do run with broomsticks between our legs. I’m waiting for the practices to start so I can have fun and see if Quidditch is for me.

* I’ve been working at the CSL this year and have become pretty crafty with sandwiches. I recently declared myself as a sandwich artist. Please come and witness my skill.

* I’m a vegetarian (3 years strong) and I am considering veganism. Hmmm…

* I love animals.

* I love to learn about cultures. Any culture sparks my interest.

* I practice various accents in the mirror!

* I like good documentaries – emphasis on “good”.

* I’ve recently became interested in numerology.

* I live for happiness.

Hopefully you’ll continue reading the stuff I post.

Enjoy life!

Augie Choice NOW Available for FIRST-YEARS!

Breaking news! Augie Choice is available to current first-years who are studying abroad bnext year in some places. Days ago, the news came out that it can be used for Africa Term (Spring 2015)! (If you are interested or considering Africa Term, feel free to read Top Reasons to Study Abroad in Africa)  

Top Reasons To Study Abroad In Africa

As you may already know, Augie provides many destinations to study abroad each year. Spring Term 2015, they are offering a trip to Africa (an awesome place and happens to be the program to which I’ve been accepted). The application is STILL OPEN and will be open until further notice.  Hopefully, even more students students […]

I Miss Augie…

It’s winter break and I’ve been ready to head back to Augie. It’s hard transitioning from a productive college life to back at home. Here’s some things I miss about Augie: Veggie Chik’n Hot Cocoa (The best cocoa is the one that’s just a button away) Being able to sleep anywhere on campus – my […]

One of the Reasons I Like Living in the Quad Cities

                        I love that there’s a Chipotle here. Especially since it provides so many healthy yet tasty options for everyone. And as a vegeterian, I’m really excited that they made there pinto beans vegan and added a new option to the menu: Sofritas (which […]