A window inside life at Augustana College

Tjenare (as we say in Sweden).
My name is Isac Zia, and I’m one of the international students here at Augie. Since I’m only here for a year, I’m a ”non-degree-seeking student” which is awesome. This means that I can take the courses I’m interested in and basically just chill through them. Right now I’m taking Calc II, AmHistory and Business writing – a nice, classical liberal arts set up.
I’m unemployed here, since I’d rather do fun stuff here since I’m only here for a limited amount of time. I’m in Wennerberg choir and – most important – Heywire, which is fantastic. For those who do not know, Heywire is this awesome group of people making Improvisational Theatre.
This blog will be all about the international experience. What do I do? What do I like? Any surprises cultural wise? YOU NAME IT! I’ll also try to keep you updated with hilarious Swedish humor-clips.
CIAO (as they say in Italy)

Julafton (Christmas) + Christmas Break

Tjena! Long time, no see I guess. I’ve been busy doing very important things, like sleeping, socializing and just being me. Anyhow. Now I’m back, and I’ll try to be better. But I do not promise anything. Ok? So – back to business. It’s Christmas time, so I guess I have to wish you all […]

Tacksägelsedagen (thanksgiving)

God morgon my friends, family and randoms I had a fantastic Thanksgiving break in Springfield, Illinois. I was invited by my beloved Erek Bell, together with my beloved Swedish friends Alexandra and Eric, to celebrate turkey-day with them. And so I did. Wednesday: We drove to Springfield, mother Bell had made an awesome Lasagne (I […]

Where the (not heaven) are the Simpsons?!

God kväll, At the moment I’m in Springfield and chilling with Erek’s and his family (together with two other Swedes). I expected to see a bunch of Yellow creatures running around in this town, with Bart, Marge and the others, but so far I’ve only met Erek’s dad Homer and the rest of his family. […]

Thanksgiving times

Hallihallå I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving so much. Or should I call it the holiday where all students get to brag about how good their parents/grandparents food is? Every single one I’ve talked about Thanksgiving with have told me that ”My mom makes the best turkey”. Anyhow. I am going to Springfield for Thanksgiving, since […]

My week with some pictures and a few words

Tjenare allihop! I will describe this week with pictures. I met Erin. She is this awesome girl, who is very competitive and loves to play cribbage. Erin taught me how to play cribbage (friday). So I played cribbage with Anisa, Erin, Eman and Mike. It was pretty damn fun. Denna meningen är på svenska. Efter […]

A thing that annoys me

Men hallå! Today I wanted to talk about a little thing that annoys me a lot: the homework system! I am not a hater of homework. I understand that it is important to study during the terms to be able to learn in a good way. What bothers me is the way you get graded […]

Post while in class

It’s a nice class about business writing. Right now I’m learning how to write letters. It’s nice actually. I like the people in this class, it’s a very relaxed group of human beings. Time to focus again. Hejdå!

Introduction to my little tiny blog

Tjenare! This blog is about me and my year here at Augustana. Since I’m an International Student who is only here for a year, it’s a bit different than the rest of the Augie Students. This is because of one big reason: I live by the expression that “You only gap once” – I will […]