A window inside life at Augustana College

Hello, my name is Victoria Cartland and I am currently a senior (eeeek!) at Augustana College (the one in Rock Island, IL). I’m from Watertown, Minnesota, which is a small town about an hour west of the Twin Cities; however, I graduated from Coon Rapids High School.
I’m majoring in political science and sociology with a concentration in social welfare, and I’m minoring in women and gender studies; if I could I would add a major in Pinterest and Tumblr. Outside of class and extracurriculars, I like to be crafty, watch documentaries on Netflix, and use my sewing machine.
I spent part of my sophomore year and all of my junior year as a CA for the TLAs on campus, and was previously involved in the Residence Hall Association. I’m a member of both the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity and the Chi Omega Gamma sorority. My favorite building on campus is Old Main and when I grow up I WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD.
If you have any questions feel free to comment or send me an e-mail (victoriacartland11@augustana.edu).

Spring Break in Minnesota

So we Augie students are currently on spring break. I know what you’re thinking, “Spring break in February?!?”, and I agree, it’s not exactly the most ideal time for spring break. However there are pro’s to this timing. Apparently going on trips to warm places is cheaper during our spring break versus other spring breaks, […]

Finals Week – Round 8

I’m just now realizing that I am closer to graduating from college than I am from having started college, as in I’ve completed 2.66 years here and I only have 1.3 years left. It’s amazing how time flies and I can’t believe that this is my eighth finals week at Augustana. This means I only have […]

Happy birthday to me!

My birthday was last Thursday, and I just want to say that it was amazing. After being able to be back in Minnesota for m birthday last year I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about having my birthday during Week 10 at Augie this year; but it was GREAT! Despite the fact […]

Why so vague?

So I realized my last “real” post, so not the one about Christmas that came a month after Christmas, was a little vague. Okay it was very vague, but it was for the sake of protecting someone that I really care about and look up to. There are two “secret” things that were going on with […]

No School Tomorrow

Something historical happened at Augustana tonight; class for Monday was cancelled! The last time Augie cancelled snow was because they got over a foot of snow in one night. Augie rarely cancels classes. Some people rumor it’s because we’re a Swedish school and we’re honoring our roots – this is possible considering we have a […]

Christmas has come and gone; or has it?

***This is a disclaimer that this post was meant to be published sometime around the end of December. However, I just found it sitting in my drafts, and I’d hate to let a good post about my favorite holiday go to waste… While some of you may have wrapped up the Christmas holiday, my family […]

Putting it off

I haven’t posted in forever, but it’s all for good reason. There are so many things that have happened since we got back to school two weeks ago. I was offered a coaching position with the swim club that I lifeguard for! This means that now I need to budget my time for working 10+ hours […]

Advice: Switch up where you study

Sometimes it can be hard to do homework in your room. You get too comfy. You get distracted. There are people around. There’s your bed in the corner begging for you to come back to it. For this reason I’ve recently started doing my homework in places other than my lovely Arbaugh apartment. Places I’ve […]

Mornings are hard. Listen to white noise.

It takes me roughly 75 minutes to be a fully functioning human-being in the morning and this is not because I take that long to get ready. Fact: I can be from bed to out the door with a “real” outfit on (dress, tights, boots, sweater), with my hair “done” (messy braid or bun) and […]

Dear mom, Please answer your phone when I call. Love, Victoria

So I’m a mama’s girl, and this probably not a surprise to anyone. I grew up in a single parent household and while sometimes I was absolutely terrible to my mother, I still love her like no other. She is honestly one of the best people I know. She is strong, and giving , and […]