2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Dubuque vs. Augustana
  Date: Sep 17, 2014 • Site: Rock Island, Ill.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].
 For AUGIE: #01 Chew, Meredith, #17 Frys, Brianne, #24 Rizzo, Jessa, #12 Hamaker, Stef, #9 Druszkowski, Somer, #7 Lohmeier, Hannah, #18 Iaquinta, Grace, #20 Farell, Kelly, #11 Navarro, Taylor, #6 Grimmer, Kimberly, #32 Skotnicki, Kerri.
 For DBQWS: #16 Kelsey Graefen, #25 Melissa Sawyer, #4 Megan Siepler, #14 Emily Meeker, #1 Tiffany Duncan, #12 Lauren Waddell, #3 Lisa Rosas, #9 Kim Trinco, #8 Melanie Prudhomme, #20 Kyleigh McLaughlin, #18 Katie Lynn.
[46:48]  Shot by AUGIE Navarro, Taylor WIDE LEFT.
 Foul on Dubuque.
[54:08]  Offside against Augustana.
[55:04]  Shot by AUGIE Navarro, Taylor, SAVE Tiffany Duncan.
[55:36]  Shot by DBQWS Emily Meeker, SAVE Chew, Meredith.
[56:32]  Shot by DBQWS Emily Meeker WIDE RIGHT.
[56:47]  AUGIE substitution: Huber, Mady for Iaquinta, Grace.
 Foul on Dubuque.
[58:46]  DBQWS substitution: Riley Mayer for Katie Lynn.
 Foul on Augustana.
[60:56]  AUGIE substitution: Farkos, Sammi for Navarro, Taylor.
 Foul on Augustana.
[61:53]  Shot by DBQWS Lauren Waddell, SAVE Chew, Meredith.
[62:20]  Shot by AUGIE Rizzo, Jessa WIDE LEFT.
[63:39]  Shot by AUGIE Farell, Kelly HIGH.
[63:48]  AUGIE substitution: Kras, Jessica for Rizzo, Jessa.
 Corner kick by DBQWS Melissa Sawyer [64:56].
[66:05]  Shot by AUGIE Farell, Kelly, SAVE Tiffany Duncan.
[67:38]  AUGIE substitution: Iaquinta, Grace for Huber, Mady.
[69:33]  DBQWS substitution: Julia Weninger for Kim Trinco.
[69:33]  DBQWS substitution: Brianna Burkhart for Kyleigh McLaughlin.
[69:33]  AUGIE substitution: Rizzo, Jessa for Druszkowski, Somer.
 Foul on Augustana.
 Foul on Augustana.
[75:02]  DBQWS substitution: Katie Lynn for Riley Mayer.
 Foul on Dubuque.
[79:26]  DBQWS substitution: Kyleigh McLaughlin for Brianna Burkhart.
[81:49]  AUGIE substitution: Druszkowski, Somer for Farkos, Sammi.
 Foul on Augustana.
[82:51]  AUGIE substitution: Huber, Mady for Lohmeier, Hannah.
[89:17]  AUGIE substitution: Navarro, Taylor for Kras, Jessica.
 End of period [90:00].