4th Quarter Play-by-Play

  Augustana vs. North Central
  Date: Nov 16, 2013 • Site: Naperville, Ill.

4th Quarter Play-by-Play
Augie 1-Gon Augie35Start of 4th quarter, clock 15:00.
 Drive: 14 plays, 84 yards, TOP 7:06
Murray, Conner kickoff 64 yards to the NCC1, Pattat return 11 yards to the NCC12 (Goshorn, Bo).
Ncc 1-10on Ncc12NORTH CENTRAL drive start at 14:55.
Ncc 1-10on Ncc12NORTH CENTRAL drive start at 14:55.
Ncc 1-10on Ncc12Warden rush for 14 yards to the NCC26, 1ST DOWN NCC (Maroder, Tim;Nickels, Caleb).
Ncc 1-10on Ncc26Warden rush for 1 yard to the NCC27 (Coleman, Ryan;Nickels, Caleb), PENALTY NCC holding (Pawlus) 10 yards to the NCC16, NO PLAY.
Ncc 1-20on Ncc16D. Thompson rush for 9 yards to the NCC25 (Nickels, Caleb).
Ncc 2-11on Ncc25Warden rush for 1 yard to the NCC26 (Coleman, Ryan).
Ncc 3-10on Ncc26Warden rush for 5 yards to the NCC31 (Kalble, Frank).
Ncc 4-5on Ncc31Looff punt 34 yards to the AUGIE35, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 4 plays, 19 yards, TOP 2:33
Augie 1-10on Augie35AUGUSTANA drive start at 12:22.
Augie 1-10on Augie35Salazar, Chris rush for 1 yard to the AUGIE36 (J. Thrun).
Augie 2-9on Augie36Chandler, Eric rush for 5 yards to the AUGIE41 (Weidner).
Augie 3-4on Augie41Salazar, Chris pass complete to Snow, Kyle for 27 yards to the NCC32, 1ST DOWN AUGIE, out-of-bounds (Bordner).
Augie 1-10on Ncc32Salazar, Chris pass complete to Josupait, Eric for 7 yards to the NCC25 (Chacon;Kibby).
Augie 2-3on Ncc25Chandler, Eric rush for 8 yards to the NCC17, 1ST DOWN AUGIE (Schroeder, K).
Augie 1-10on Ncc17McLean, Mike rush for 3 yards to the NCC14 (Niklos).
Augie 2-7on Ncc14Salazar, Chris pass incomplete to Josupait, Eric, PENALTY NCC personal foul (Chacon) 7 yards to the NCC7, 1ST DOWN AUGIE, NO PLAY.
Augie 1-Gon Ncc07Chandler, Eric rush for 2 yards to the NCC5 (Schweitzer;Weidner).
Augie 2-Gon Ncc05Salazar, Chris pass incomplete to Krantz, Nick (Niklos).
Augie 3-Gon Ncc05Chandler, Eric rush for 4 yards to the NCC1 (Schweitzer).
Augie 4-Gon Ncc01McLean, Mike rush for loss of 7 yards to the NCC8 (Zirngibl).
 Drive: 10 plays, 57 yards, TOP 5:08
Ncc 1-10on Ncc08NORTH CENTRAL drive start at 07:14.
Ncc 1-10on Ncc08O. Brown rush for 12 yards to the NCC20, 1ST DOWN NCC (Kalble, Frank).
Ncc 1-10on Ncc20D. Thompson rush for 3 yards to the NCC23 (Westerberg, Eri).
Ncc 2-7on Ncc23D. Thompson rush for 58 yards to the AUGIE19, 1ST DOWN NCC, out-of-bounds (Goshorn, Bo).
Ncc 1-10on Augie19O. Brown rush for 2 yards to the AUGIE17 (Bastian, John).
Ncc 2-8on Augie17O. Brown rush for loss of 7 yards to the AUGIE24, fumble by O. Brown recovered by NCC O. Brown at AUGIE24.
Ncc 3-15on Augie24O. Brown rush for 7 yards to the AUGIE17 (Roehrenbeck, Mi;Gruca, Justin).
Ncc 4-8on Augie17Dace field goal attempt from 34 GOOD, clock 03:41.
North Central 53, Augustana 14
 Drive: 7 plays, 75 yards, TOP 3:38
Dace kickoff 43 yards to the AUGIE22, Hodges, Ben return 9 yards to the AUGIE31 (Niklos;Taphorn), PENALTY NCC personal foul (Willett) 15 yards to the AUGIE46, 1st and 10, AUGIE ball on AUGIE46.
Augie 1-10on Augie46AUGUSTANA drive start at 03:36.
Augie 1-10on Augie46Chandler, Eric rush for 11 yards to the NCC43, 1ST DOWN AUGIE (Nalefski).
Augie 1-10on Ncc43Powers, Tyson rush for 4 yards to the NCC39 (J. Thrun).
Augie 2-6on Ncc39McLean, Mike rush for no gain to the NCC39 (Egan;Chacon).
Augie 3-6on Ncc39Powers, Tyson rush for loss of 3 yards to the NCC42 (Egan).
Augie 4-9on Ncc42Powers, Tyson pass incomplete to Shepard, Roman.
 Drive: 5 plays, 12 yards, TOP 2:35
Ncc 1-10on Ncc42NORTH CENTRAL drive start at 01:01.
Ncc 1-10on Ncc42TEAM rush for loss of 2 yards to the NCC40.
Ncc 2-12on Ncc40TEAM rush for loss of 2 yards to the NCC38.
Ncc 3-14on Ncc38End of game, clock 00:00.
 Drive: 2 plays, minus 4 yards, TOP 1:01