1st Quarter Play-by-Play

  Chillicothe IVC vs. Rock Island Alleman
  Date: Oct 14, 2014 • Site: Rock Island, Ill.

1st Quarter Play-by-Play
Ivc 1-10on Ivc35ALLEMAN ball on ALLEMAN35.
Bush, Harrison kickoff 56 yards to the IVC9, Cox, Kyle return 16 yards to the IVC25 (Murphy, Kier;Somner, Skyler).
Ivc 1-10on Ivc25Thulean, Jacub rush for 9 yards to the IVC34 (Sebben, Quintin;Miner, Brian), PENALTY IVC holding 10 yards to the IVC24.
Ivc 1-11on Ivc241st and 11.
Ivc 1-11on Ivc24McMorrow, Andre pass intercepted by Braet, Drew at the IVC44, Braet, Drew return 5 yards to the IVC39 (Vojta, Jack;Cox, Kyle).
 Drive: 2 plays, minus 1 yard, TOP 2:38
Alleman 1-10on Ivc39ROCK ISLAND ALLEMAN drive start at 12:22.
Alleman 1-10on Ivc39Dorsey, Kylee rush for 6 yards to the IVC33, fumble forced by Dismang, Jacob, fumble by Dorsey, Kylee recovered by IVC DeStefano, Nick at IVC33.
 Drive: 1 play, 6 yards, TOP 0:12
Ivc 1-10on Ivc33CHILLICOTHE IVC drive start at 12:10.
Ivc 1-10on Ivc33Gillespie, Conn punt 30 yards to the ALLEMAN37, fair catch by Lommell, David.
Alleman 1-10on Alleman37ROCK ISLAND ALLEMAN drive start at 11:55.
Alleman 1-10on Alleman37Dorsey, Kylee rush for 46 yards to the IVC17, 1ST DOWN ALLEMAN (Noetzol, Kelley).
Alleman 1-10on Ivc17Bush, Harrison field goal attempt from 34 BLOCKED, recovered by IVC Gould, Noah at IVC28 spot at IVC28, clock 11:30 (blocked by Cox, Kyle), Gould, Noah for 9 yards to the IVC37 (Bush, Harrison;Villanueva, Ale).
 Drive: 2 plays, 46 yards, TOP 3:32
Ivc 1-10on Ivc37Hammer, Ryne rush for 5 yards to the IVC42 (Orth, Matt).
Ivc 2-5on Ivc42McMorrow, Andre pass complete to McIntyre, Mitch for 10 yards to the ALLEMAN48, 1ST DOWN IVC (Lommell, David).
Ivc 1-10on Alleman48Stallion, Dalla rush for loss of 3 yards to the IVC49 (Diab, Alec).
Ivc 2-13on Ivc49McMorrow, Andre rush for 19 yards to the ALLEMAN32, 1ST DOWN IVC (Murphy, Kier).
Ivc 1-10on Alleman32McMorrow, Andre pass complete to Gillespie, Conn for 32 yards to the ALLEMAN0, 1ST DOWN IVC, TOUCHDOWN, clock 08:23.
Bohannon, Tom kick attempt good.
Chillicothe IVC 7, Rock Island Alleman 0
 Drive: 5 plays, 63 yards, TOP 0:00
Bohannon, Tom kickoff 57 yards to the ALLEMAN8, Dorsey, Kylee return 34 yards to the ALLEMAN42 (Gillen, Seth;Meeks, Derek).
Alleman 1-10on Alleman42ROCK ISLAND ALLEMAN drive start at 08:15.