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Music Visits and Scholarship Auditions

Music Visits and Scholarship Auditions at Augustana College

Visiting our department is a great way to get to know our program, degrees, ensembles, and faculty! We offer flexible opportunities to visit and audition. You can visit first, audition later, or do it all in one trip. Our visit dates are also paired with other exciting events happening at the college to complete your experience!

Augustana College offers Department of Music scholarships to students of any major. Please read the information on this page and the How to Apply before completing the Music Application. Our scholarships are renewable for fours years and range from $1000-$4000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a music major?
No. With the exception of the Carl B. Nelson Music Education Scholarship, all scholarships are open to majors and non-majors.

Do I need to be accepted at Augustana in order to sign up for a visit or audition? 
No. Your general application for admission to Augustana College (the Common Application) should be complete by the audition date. Please apply and set up your audition date as soon as possible, as there is limited room. Do not wait until you are accepted.

Do I have to audition to be accepted?
No. There is no audition for admission to the music program or degrees. As a Liberal Arts college, your acceptance to the College aloows you to pursue any major. We have course requirements to ensure quality progress towards your degree. 

Is this an audition for an ensemble?
No. Ensemble auditions are held the weekend before the start of classes in the fall. 

Can I audition on more than one instrument?
You will be scheduled for two auditions-we do our best to schedule them within an hour or two of each other. Again, you will receive the higher of the two scholarships, as we can only award one.

What do I prepare?
See How to Apply

How long are the auditions?
Auditions are 10-20 minutes long

Do I need an accompanist?
We provide an accompanist for all vocal auditions, or you may bring your own. Vocalists get 5-10 minutes with the accompanist before they go into the audition.
Instrumentalists may bring their own accompanist, but most audition without accompaniment. It will have no impact on your results.

Do I need to bring music or send it ahead of time?
No music is needed ahead of time.

When will I hear about my audition time?
We send a schedule approximately two weeks before the audition date.

If I receive a scholarship, what are the requirements?
All scholarship recipients are required to take applied lessons on the audition instrument for at least one credit, or one half-hour per week, and participate in one of the major ensembles. There is a fee for music lessons.

What if I cannot make one of the scheduled audition dates?
It is best to audition on a scheduled date, however if you absolutely cannot, please contact the office by email at