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Concert Band

Conductor: Dr. Rick Jaeschke
Rehearsal: T, Th 5:45-7:pm

This band provides concert band playing experience for all interested students, and can be a credit or non-credit course.  The band rehearses twice weekly and presents a concert every term.

The Augustana Concert Band was formed more than 30 years ago and his presently the largest Augustana College music ensemble.  Members of the Concert Band come from all departments of the College and many students choose the Concert Band as they are able to balance their course load with the two-day a week ensemble rehearsal schedule.  Musical selections include standard band works, transcriptions such as Carmina Burana, marches, and many of the latest band pieces such as Bandancing and Ride.  Students in the ensemble play a large part in choosing the specific pieces that are featured on each concert program that takes place at the end of each term.  The Concert Band also provides an opportunity for students who play in the Symphonic Band, Orchestra, or sing in one of the Choirs to perform on a second instrument and to conduct.

Audition Information
Auditions are held each fall for both Symphonic band and Concert Band in Room 26, Bergendoff Fine Arts Building.  Sign-up sheets for specific instruments and times will be posted on the door of Room 26.  Interested students will have to play one audition only for both bands.  There will be winter and spring term auditions for students who are assigned to Symphonic Band as well as those wishing to re-audition.

What to Prepare
Students should prepare 3-5 minutes of music that will demonstrate tone quality, different styles, and technical ability.  Do not hesitate to play short excerpts in different styles.  Above all, choose something that you know well and feel comfortable with, no matter what the level of difficulty. 

James Lambrecht, Director of Bands (309) 794.7424
Rick Jaeschke, Director of Concert Band (309) 794.7343

Advisor: Dr. Rick Jaeschke
Phone: (309) 794-7343