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A History of Excellence

The Augustana College Music Department is known for its excellent performance and study opportunities for both music and non-music majors; an extensive faculty of performers and scholars dedicated to teaching musicians; a strong curriculum of applied music, musicianship and academic course work in a liberal arts setting, and a wide variety of ensembles. Nearly a quarter of Augustana's students perform in ensembles, from opera to orchestra to jazz combos.

In addition to the major and minor in music, Augustana offers majors in music education and music performance. Augustana supports music study with a great number and variety of scholarships, available to both music and non-music majors. The department encourages close connections with professors and peers, and sponsors guest performers and master classes, ensemble tours, music internships and work-study options in a variety of music venues.

The Department of Music identifies with the central goals of a liberal arts education at Augustana. Our purpose is to develop with the students at least one central vocabulary with which to describe what he or she observes. We believe that to neglect the study of the arts is to neglect the study of the complete person. The music faculty believes that students be able to communicate effectively in their art, define and address artistic questions, develop a vocabulary for the analysis of music, develop a historical and cultural perspective of their art, and be informed about the great utterances of music as they pertain across the span of human culture. We hope that the student, regardless of major, will begin to appreciate that music (or any art study for that matter) engages the whole mind and that the use of the entire mind demands rigorous academic skills. It is this understanding of purpose that we find to be a particular strength of the Department of Music.

The Department of Music is a member of the Division of Fine and Performing Arts. The music unit is the largest department in the College numbering 45 full and part-time faculty serving approximately 800 students weekly. We offer several degree options for students: a general BA degree, a BA in Music Education, and a BA in Performance, as well as a minor in music.

Students may study music in a variety of ways - through lecture in history, theory and literature, private instruction, and ensemble experience. Areas of specialization include all orchestral instruments, voice, keyboard, and guitar. The music unit is a fully accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music, and we also satisfy State of Illinois Board of teaching requirements for licensure in public school teaching.