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Student fund raisers net $66,000 for health-related causes

Augustana’s annual Dance Marathon and Relay for Life events each raised more than $30,000 for their respective causes this year. Student leaders took on the task of coordinating these major fund raising events, both of which took place in Augustana’s PepsiCo Recreation Center during the current academic year.

“Our motto is ‘Cancer never sleeps. So for one night, we won’t either,’” said Relay for Life Co-Chair Emily Jacobs of the event which lasts from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. and involves groups of students who take turns keeping their relay teams going around the PepsiCo Center’s 200-meter indoor track all through the night.

Jacobs and her fellow Co-Chair, Megan Brickey, both members of Chi Alpha Pi sorority, report that nearly every Greek organization on campus formed a relay team for the May 2008 event, which raised more than $35,000 for the American Cancer Society. “We also had great participation from a variety of other groups,” said Jacobs, “like Symphonic Band, the fencing and anime clubs, UNYK dance troupe and Athletes Giving Back.”

Greek organizations also formed the core of the 2008 Dance Marathon, which was designated as the All-Greek Service Project for the 2007-08 academic year. Sigma Pi Delta member Sarah Mayer led the planning committee, which recruited nearly 500 fellow students to take part in the marathon dance party.

Earlier this month, the Dance Marathon committee presented its check to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital and learned its contribution would be earmarked for maintenance of the hospital’s extensive array of fish tanks, which serve as both a distraction and a motivation for the hospital’s young patients.