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The Story in the Window

When making our way to Ascension Chapel, we pass an impressive stained glass window on the landing of the central stairs in Founders Hall. But how many of us know the story that lies within the colored glass?

A closer look reveals Augustana's historical ascension from its simple beginning toward the embodiment of its early leaders' visions. The depictions of four historic buildings create a frame around two trees-the Tree of Life on the left, and the Tree of Knowledge, both from the Garden of Eden.

"While you can see stained or leaded glass in old homes and secular buildings, stained glass is largely found in churches, where the brilliant colors and creativity of design reinforce that God is to be found in beauty and creativity," says Pastor Richard Priggie '74, Augustana's chaplain. "To have the history of the college represented in stained glass is evidence of a sacred worldview; namely, the view that God's hand can be seen in the journey of the college to Rock Island."