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2010 Calendar of Special Events

March 12

Henry Farnam Dinner in Moline, Ill. The annual Farnam Dinner (commemorating one of the entrepreneurs who helped build the first rail bridge over the Mississippi in Rock Island) will celebrate the 150th anniversaries of the Weyerhaeuser & Denkmann Lumber Company, the beginning of construction on House on the Hill, and the founding of Augustana. Weyerhaeuser descendant Tom Rasmussen will speak.

March and April

The newly created Augustana College Center for Polar Studies is an interdisciplinary center for the study of the Arctic and Antarctic regions headed by Dr. William Hammer, holder of the Fritiof Fryxell Chair in Geology. To launch the center, Hammer arranged for five lectures, concluding with “The Hydro-logic Cycle in a Changing Arctic” by Dr. Tamlin Pavelsky, University of North Carolina, on March 18; and “The Lush Vegetation of Antarctica: Understanding Ancient Climate from Fossil Plants” by Dr. Edith Taylor, University of Kansas, on April 15.

April 8-10

Augustana will host the annual meeting of the Swedish Council of America, which includes a public banquet on April 9. The Swedish Council is committed to preserving Swedish-American heritage throughout North America.

April 25

In conjunction with Augustana Lutheran Church and the Northern Illinois Synod’s Jenny Lind Chapel Committee, the 2010 Founders Day Worship Service will be held at Augustana Lutheran Church in Andover, Ill. The Rev. Herbert Chilstrom, a 1958 graduate of the Augustana Seminary and the first Presiding Bishop of the ELCA, will preach. Augustana’s Jenny Lind Women’s Ensemble, named after the highly regarded Swedish opera singer and philanthropist, will perform.

May 23

The 150th Commencement Convocation at Augustana will feature a baccalaureate sermon by Barbara Lundblad ’66, Joe R. Engle Professor of Preaching at Union Theological Seminary in New York. Dr. David Walton ’98 will be the commencement speaker. Walton, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, works with Partners In Health, a non-profit health care organization.

June 5

The 150th anniversary of the formation of the Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod will be marked with a special gathering at Jefferson Prairie Lutheran Church, on the Illinois-Wisconsin border. The presidents of Augustana College-Rock Island and Augustana College-Sioux Falls will be joined by the Rev. Stan Olson, executive director of the ELCA’s vocation and education program unit, and Bishop Bruce Burnside of the South-Central Wisconsin Synod (ELCA). They will gather around the table on which the original document creating the Augustana Synod was signed; plans call for a dramatic reading produced by Augustana students of a scene depicting the sessions leading up to the signing of the Synod’s constitution.

June 10-13

The Augustana Heritage Association Gathering will return to Rock Island; Sweden’s Archbishop Anders Wejryd is scheduled to attend, as is ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson. Also attending will be the presidents of Augustana, Bethany and Gustavus Adolphus colleges.

September 1

In an expression of gratitude to Rock Island, Augustana’s hometown of 135 years, and in honor of the 150th anni-versary of Augustana’s first incoming class, the college will host Augustana Day.

September 10-11

Family Weekend events will include a special recognition of multi-generation Augustana families, particularly (though not exclusively) those with students currently enrolled or recently graduated.

October 1

Henrik Williams of Uppsala University, a professor of Nordic Languages and leading authority on runes and the Viking era, will present the O. Fritiof Ander Lecture.

October 8-10

The traditional observance of Homecoming will be expanded to include an All Classes Reunion, centered around a multi-generational dance on campus. All Augustana alumni are encouraged to return for Homecoming; classroom programs featuring current and retired faculty will be offered. An “Affirmation of Vows” and group photo for all alumni married in Ascension Chapel are tentatively scheduled.

October 11-16

The Department of Scand-inavian Studies and the Swenson Swedish Immigra-tion Research Center will sponsor Beyond Bergman, an academic conference on contemporary Swedish and Scandinavian filmmaking and the formative effect of legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergman.

November 5-6

A symposium co-sponsored by the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center and North Park University will consider the relationship between the Augustana Synod and the Covenant Church. Augustana President Emeritus Thomas Tredway will speak at this Chicago event.


All of Augustana’s holiday celebrations will include special themes of gratitude for 150 years of the educational mission of Augustana. This includes the Handel Oratorio Society’s Messiah, the music department’s Christmas at Augustana, and campus ministries’ Joy of Christmas Past & Present.

Just in: On August 24– October 30

The Augustana Art Museum and Department of Art History present the Sesquicentennial Art Exhibition built around works from the Olson-Brandelle North American Indian Art Collection.