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Close-up Augustana

Ashley Biess came to Augustana in the fall of 2005 to focus on business/marketing, and she will graduate in May with her business degree. But what happened along the way is something Augustana hopes for all students. Ashley nurtured her passion. Through her work with the Augustana Photo Bureau, photography has become that which brings her joy and fulfillment. These photos from campus showcase Ashley's flair to turn the ordinary into art. (See what you recognize; answers can be found by clicking on an image) We wish Ashley well with her plans to earn a master's in photography and blend her business background with her interest in the arts by working with outreach programs to improve arts education. - Editor

Image 1-Old Main
Image 2-Olin Center
Image 3-Outside Bergendoff Hall
Image 4-Tredway Library
Image 5-College Center
Image 6-Carlsson Evald Hall
Image 7-Carver Center
Image 8-Swenson Geosciences