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Quinlin '81 honored for teaching at Bethel

Dan Quinlin '81, professor of languages, at Bethel College, was presented the 2015 Ralph P. Schrag Distinguished Teaching Award at commencement May 17. Quinlin has a master’s degree and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. He has taught at Bethel College since 1991, when he came for what he thought would be a one-year sabbatical fill-in.

Bob Whitt '84 at White River State Park

Bob Whitt '84 is executive director of the 250-acre White River State Park (which includes the Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens, the Indiana State Museum, Victory Field and the NCAA Hall of Champions). Whitt was appointed Whitt to the position in 2005, but he was a fan of the park for much longer. “Each year, well over 3 million visitors come to this downtown Indianapolis destination,” Whitt said. “The attractions and green spaces are unparalleled."

Brown '92 gives perspective to Nahant Marsh

Audrey Brown '92 is exhibiting some of her paintings in "Nahant Marsh: Almost an Island." She works primarily in art restoration, taught to her by her mentor at Augustana, the late Jim Konrad. Brown said her paintings of the local march continue Konrad's philosophy to "paint what you know." "I can take you to this place I enjoy, and if I can give you a feeling of that, then you can do something," she said. "That's what my art's about."

Video: Gerber '75 discusses his path to career success

Murry S. Gerber '75 delivers a talk about his path to success in the energy industry. Gerber was CEO of EQT Corporation from 1998 to 2010, chairman from 2000 until 2010, and executive chairman until his retirement in 2011.

Gerbers recognized for philanthropic support

Augustana College today named its Center for Student Life in honor of Murry and Cindy Gerber of Pittsburgh. The building will be called The Gerber Center in honor of the Gerbers' philanthropic support of the college. They have donated $9.8 million to Augustana, placing them at the top of the list of individuals who have made substantial gifts to the college.