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Tell more of your story with a video essay

Do you feel like the written essay on your application won't tell us your whole story? Was there something you wanted to tell us but didn't during your interview? Or do you just have some creative energy you'd like to put to use?

Augustana College is offering you an opportunity to do all of the above by submitting a video essay that will supplement your application. This is a chance to tell us more about yourself, what you're into and what makes you a good fit for Augustana.

There are no rules or regulations. Simply load your video to YouTube and submit the URL below. You can create a video about anything you want, but here are some ideas:

  • Take us to your favorite place and explain why it means so much to you.
  • Re-create your favorite movie or play in 2-5 minutes.
  • Create a music video for your favorite song.
  • Interview a few of your family members, teachers or another mentor and ask them about the qualities that make you a standout college prospect, beyond what may be obvious on your transcript and other application materials.
  • Augustana educates the whole person: intellect, character and spirit. Explain or demonstrate what that means to you.
  • Sometimes it's easier to talk about an issue than to write about it. Tell us an issue you feel passionate about, and why.
  • Create a how-to video about an activity you enjoy.

Submit your video

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By submitting this video, I agree that the rights to this video belong to Augustana College and that it may be used by the college in the future.

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