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Queenie Ho

Previously attended Lincoln Land Community College
and transferred in as a junior.

Read about Queenie receiving a post-graduate scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge.


What major or majors are you completing?

Biology and anthropology

Why did you choose to come to Augustana?

I decided to come to Augustana because I wanted to attend a college where students are encouraged to pursue multiple interests. It was important to me that I received an education that was representative of the multiple aspects of life, because the college experience is to ultimately prepare me for all different kinds of future challenges.

How would you describe the educational experience here?

My favorite thing about my classes is that the classroom becomes a space for open discourse. In my social science classes, in particular, we discuss and debate topics that are relevant to life in the twenty-first century, and we learn to critically and objectively analyze arguments. The classroom is always a supportive environment, and I feel that my professors are some of my biggest cheerleaders. They always encourage me to answer my own questions and to follow my instincts and interests. In fact, it is because of the support that I received from my professors that I declared my second major (anthropology) the year that I transferred to Augustana.

What is student life like at Augustana?

Student life is inviting, and there is a real sense of a community on campus. There are many different clubs that you can join based on your interests. I have been a member of Cantilena Augustana women's choir since I transferred in last year, and even though a music major is not required, I find that many of my peers are passionate and committed to our choir.

What has been an important experience you have had?

My senior capstone project for anthropology had been an important experience at Augustana for me. Not only did it become an integrated summation of the program curriculum and provided me field research experience, but it also put me into the community, where I was able make connections and meet people outside of my immediate group of peers.

What advice would you give a transfer student considering Augustana College? 

Just as my advisors have suggested to me, follow your interests. Take classes that you have never considered taking before and be adventurous. You might find that a class you have never considered taking before to be your next great interest.