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Jeremy Lang

Previously attended Rock Valley College
and transferred in as a sophomore.


What major or majors are you completing?

My major is currently undeclared, but this past quarter, I have really enjoyed taking Laura Mahn's Vocational Explore & Research class which has since then led me to be leaning towards an Anthropology major and a religion minor,(or perhaps even a double major). I interviewed professors from both departments, which proved to be very helpful and reassuring in the decision making process.

Why did you choose to come to Augustana?

There are a number of reasons I chose to come to Augustana. When I first visited in my senior year of high school, I really liked the campus, the size (small student to teacher ratio & closer student body) and the track team (which I will be doing this winter/spring), but I decided to go to a local community college to save some money and perhaps visit some more colleges and make a more informed decision. After the first year at Rock Valley, I knew I wanted to transfer — it was just a matter of where. I was initially leaning towards Chicago, but what really attracted me to the Augie campus was the friendly atmosphere, the tradition of the track team, the praises of former graduates and coaches and along with its academic reputation, smaller school status and location. It fit the ticket.

How would you describe the educational experience here?

I have had a very positive academic experience; although I am still finishing up a few general education courses, I have recently learned the true value of a liberal arts education, developed a better appreciation for theatre, and set my sights on a study abroad trip to France. I look forward to seeing what the future holds with my major.

What is student life like at Augustana?

To begin with, it is much more invigorating living on a campus with students than living off campus at a community college. College life here at Augie is fun, inviting, and challenging, and offers great opportunity to get involved through student organizations, clubs and sports. And of course I enjoy getting emails that offer free food and ice cream to come to a meeting nearly every night of the week. 

What has been an important experience you have had?

I would say the best part of my experience here so far has been the Cross Country camping trip which takes place right before school begins. Without knowing anyone before attending Augie, I was able to make some good friends and by first day of class felt like I knew quite a few people. Also, as I mentioned before, the professors are very helpful when it comes to meeting and just talking about majors and careers.

What advice would you give a transfer student considering Augustana College? 

I would say that if you are looking for a community that takes pride in their school and athletics, encourages involvement, and effectively gets new students in the loop, you should check out Augustana. Word on the street is that "you won't find a more enthusiastic track team, anywhere." Also, Kelly was extremely helpful in the transferring process!!