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Top 10 random scholarships available to you

Financial assistance and scholarship money is on everyone's minds this year ... why not make this search process rewarding and fun? Even by Googling "wacky college scholarships" students can find an array of essay contests, multiple choice tests and photo submissions to alleviate the cost of college next year. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. GoodFit T-shirt photo contest. Augustana College (that's us) awards scholarships to high school seniors for submitting a photo of themselves wearing an Augie tee. Find the categories and submit your own at
  2. Dr. Seuss's "Oh the Places You'll Go" Scholarship. Based on the best-selling book by Dr. Seuss, this scholarship is awarded to high school seniors this year for their essay submissions on a specific prompt. Find the details at
  3. Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest. A duct-tape prom dress and tux could win you a $3,000 scholarship this spring. Check out last year's entries at
  4. American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship Program. Fire safety is important, both at home and away at college. For completing a multiple choice test about fire safety, eligible students are entered in a pool for 1 of 10 $2,000 scholarships. Get the facts at
  5. Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest. Named for Chick and Sophie Major, this scholarship is awarded to a high school senior who can bring home the bacon, or rather, duck meat. Give it a shot at
  6. Evan Scholars Foundation Scholarship. Calling all caddies! This scholarship is awarded annually by the Western Golf Association to students who have experience as caddies, a strong academic record, and most of all, a great record! FORE more details visit
  7. Klingon Language Institute Award. This scholarship is not limited to Trekkys - rather, it is available to students recognizing and studying the importance of language. Find details at
  8. The National Candy Technologists Scholarship. If you have a sweet tooth, this scholarship is for you. Awarded annually, the AACT selects a student with a demonstrated interest in confectionary technology. Explore more at
  9. Tall Clubs International Scholarship. That's right. Not only is it easier for you to reach things on the top shelf and dunk a basketball, but here's a scholarship for you if you are a 5'10" female or 6'2" male. Check it out at
  10. Mycological Society of America Scholarship. Fungi? Fun girl? For those students interested in spores, mushrooms, or mold, the MSA awards scholarship in over 15 categories at their annual meeting. Learn more at