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Jordan Alexander Crouch

Year: Freshman 
Home city and country: Bristol, England     
Major: Graphic Design
Minor: Japanese 

What about Augustana stood out during your college search?

Augustana appeared to be a smaller campus that offered a great variety of courses with some great facilities. The biggest standout for me, however, was that the staff was very fast in contacting me and replying to my questions. They worked very efficiently to process my late admission, and it was very easy to get everything arranged prior to arriving.

What clubs do you belong to on campus?

I belong to the football team and the web guild. After the football season finishes, I am likely to get more involved with the large range of clubs available, once I have more time. There seems to be a club catered for everyone's interests. If not, you can start your own!

What are your hobbies or interests?

My hobbies largely involve sport, primarily football, but I have started to get more interested in more traditional American sports from my short time here. I plan on going to watch one of my friends play a hockey match soon. I'm looking forward to watching the basketball games here over the winter term and try to get to watch another baseball game at some point also. The sports facilities are like nowhere I've been a part of back in England.

Which classes have been your favorites?

My favorite class by far is Japanese. This isn't something I would have been able to take back in England and will help toward my major. As I am required to take a language for at least a year, it is likely I will continue to study Japanese and try to gain a minor from it throughout my time here.

Which professor that has had a significant impact on your education?

My LSFY (liberal studies) professor has already had a big impact on my education. Mr. Deke Gould has already improved my argumentative writing skills vastly. Although, the main impact has come from providing me with the insight to what a liberal arts education actually means, and this keeps me engaged both in and out of the classroom.

How have you changed since you came to Augustana?

I believe I have become a more proactive and efficient student-athlete already, being at Augie for only one term. With the demanding timetable that comes with playing a sport, staying on top of homework, quizzes, tests and papers can sometimes seem difficult. However, with the help that is provided, such as the reading-writing center and planning sessions with my sport, it seems as though I am more efficient and purposeful with my time. This is something that is only going to help me in the future.

What would surprise your friends from home about you now?

I think that my friends from home would be surprised about how much I have learned in such a small area of time. (American) Football is a growing sport in England and to have the opportunity to play and compete in the NCAA is somewhat a growing dream back home. So to be able to share the knowledge I have already attained would be great. Also, the ability to choose from a wide variety of classes as part of the liberal arts system is something you aren't able to do back home. I think this is something that would surprise my friends, as it isn't something they could choose to do staying in England. This is, possibly, the best option if you aren't entirely set on what you want to earn your degree in. I went from having a place at University in England for Physiotherapy, to changing my area of study to art, graphics and web-based classes (not to mention Japanese as a language as well!).

What campus jobs have you had at Augustana?

None thus far, but I have been getting involved with a possible opportunity working with Google sites as part of the Web Guild. There are plenty of opportunities to apply for jobs around campus and many are offered which will relate to your area of educational interest.

How would you describe campus life?

Campus life is exactly what you make it. You can retreat in your room or to a quiet area of study around campus, usually 'The Brew' (a coffee shop in the library), or contrastingly, you can get involved with a variety of clubs where you will meet some new people. Everyone seems extremely friendly and being greeted by general passers-by is something I've welcomed openly. If you ever need something, there is always someone or somewhere you can go to, to get your help. The campus itself is beautiful, and I think that Augustana is set up perfectly for the large range of students who are looking to engage in a liberal arts education.