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Ha Pham

Year: Sophomore
Home city and country: Hai Phong, Vietnam
Majors: Business Administration, Economics

What about Augustana stood out during your college search?

Augustana stood in my top-five schools during my college search. I knew more about Augustana than the other schools because I had a friend there who told me a lot about the school.

What clubs do you belong to on campus?

I am involved in Greek life at Augustana College. I am a member of Sigma Kappa Tau sorority, one of seven social sororities on campus. I am also the publicity co-chair of Relay for Life, an annual event to remember cancer patients and fight against cancer. Beside those, I joined UNYK, a multicultural dance group on campus. I am also involved in multicultural groups, as a member of the Asian Students Organization and serving as Multicultural Orientation Ambassador.

What are your hobbies or interests?

I love traveling and doing community service. I also like watching American shows and reading newspapers.

Which classes have been your favorites?

I enjoyed the LSFY series in my freshman year. My professors were hard graders and had high expectation on our papers, but they were really helpful. We talked a lot outside class, and they helped me improve my writing. Throughout my first year at Augie taking three LSFY classes, I learned a lot of different aspects in life, ranging from Middle Eastern literature to how to create my own literal collage. I love it at Augie how students stay connected to their professors.

Which professor that has had a significant impact on your education?

Dr. Paul Olsen, my professor from LSFY 101, has had a significant impact on my education. He was really friendly and fun to be with. My writing was not good at that time, so I came to talk to him after class. He not only helped me with my writing but also shared with me a lot of different life experiences. Thanks to him, I know how to respect every moment I have had in life and how to bring those precious moments into my paper, developing them into meaningful lessons. How have you changed since you came to Augustana? I am now more open with different opinions about one issue. I am not only able to build different thoughts under one problem but also to find the argument that works the best to protect my idea. From the whole process of brainstorming and arguing, I find myself improved and enhanced.

What were your friends from home surprised to learn about you now?

At first, my English speaking, of course. They were also surprised at different perspectives I gained from a year studying abroad when we hung out. Finally, they were a little bit surprised at my dressing style, I guess.

Describe a memorable class (or experience) and what you learned from it.

I went through pledging last year to become a member of my sorority during the first five week of spring term. It was a stressful time for me since I had to go to pledging while preparing for UNYK dance show and handling study but I made it through pledging at the end. After that time, I knew to manage my time and work with different people as a group. In general, my spring in my freshman year was memorable for me. What campus jobs have you had at Augustana? I work at Westerlin Dining Hall and convenience store.

How would you describe campus life?

My campus life is dynamic and offers me a lot of opportunities to improve myself. I never wish I could have a better campus life at anywhere else than at Augie.

Please describe your internship/study abroad experience.

I got an internship at Mekong Development Bank in Hanoi over last summer. I worked at this bank for a month, contacted different customers, and helped them out with the documents necessary to get bank loans. I had to deal with different entrepreneurs and learned how to communicate with them. Also, getting up early in the morning and dressing formally to work were so different from college life.