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Emma Mariela Segura

Year: Sophomore
Home city and country: Piura, Peru
Majors: Biology/Pre-nursing
Minor: Psychology

What about Augustana stood out during your college search?

When I came to visit Augustana for the first time, I was so impressed by all the opportunities. For example, Augie Choice provides $2,000 for a student to study abroad. Another thing that stood out was the interest that Augustana showed when I sent my application. The staff was really good at answering questions and clarifying things for me, especially Jane Tiedge. And finally, the choice of so many majors was very exciting and convenient.

What clubs do you belong to on campus?

As for right now I am a member of the Chi Alpha Pi sorority. So far it has been an amazing experience. Being a member of this group has allowed me to be more involve with so many activities on campus. My sorority helps me to keep myself informed about the opportunities Augustana has to offer. I am also a member of UNYK, a dance club. I love to dance. Whenever I am dancing I literally forget everything from the outside world. I love being part of this club.

What are your hobbies or interests?

 I love to dance, I love to listen to music, I enjoy doing community service and I love participating in different festivals or activities. 

Which classes have been your favorites?

So far Human Anatomy, even though it is very hard. I still love the context, and it is very interesting to me. Philosophy and psychology have also been one of my favorites.

Which professor that has had a significant impact on your education?

I believe that my human anatomy professor, Robert Tallitsch, is making a significant impact in my education. He has taught me that not everything is about memorization and that the best way of learning was to understand the concept and to be able to apply it.

How have you changed since you came to Augustana?

I don’t think I changed that much, but right now I see myself as a more organized person. I also work harder because I want to have a good future. My goals are stronger than ever.

What would surprise your friends from home about you now?

I think they would be surprised by how much English I have learned and how much I matured. Also they would be surprised with the change of my perspective about certain values and what really matters.

Describe a memorable class (or experience) and what you learned from it.

One of my memorable classes was my philosophy class. In that class I learned to participate, to give my own opinions and to share my own evaluations of certain theories.

What campus jobs have you had at Augustana?

I am currently working in the Spanish department.

How would you describe campus life?

Campus life is fun and entertaining. There are so many fun activities that one can do with friends. My best experience so far has been getting to meet so many people.